Adam Jeske on #u12 Pastoring via Twitter: Episode 31

Listen to how social media was integrated into the Urbana 12 conference with Adam Jeske, who directed and coordinated the 14-member Social Media Squad at the Urbana Missions Conference to actively engaged 16,000+ participants along with others off-site via a livestream video feed and other social feeds too — nearly 40,000 tweets on the event hashtag (#u12), 6,400+ photos posted on Twitter and Instagram, 10,000+ viewers on the livestream. I (host DJ Chuang) got to serve on that Social Media Squad too, and wanted you to hear first-hand from the mastermind that orchestrated it all.

Adam is the Director of New Media and Associate Director of Communications at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Show Notes

Connect with Adam Jeske at his blog + on Twitter @adamjeske + on Facebook

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How Urbana 12 Changed My Life Too – DJ Chuang’s reflections

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#audio NPR What’s Trending: The Art And Strategy Of The Hashtag – starting at 12:20, listen to our #u12 Social Media Squad member Alison Smith talk about hashtag #u12 and Urbana 12

From the Urbana 12 Live Blog: How Urbana 12 Changed Lives + Power of Prayer powered by

GroupMe – group texting app we used as our team back-channel for real-time communication

#article The Biblical Basis for Fun (Relevant Magazine)

#book This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling by Christine & Adam Jeske