Summer Boone of Church by the Glades: Episode 51

Summer Joy Boone is Director of Assimilation and Social Media at Church by the Glades in Coral Springs, Florida. We had such a fun conversation for this episode of Social Media Church podcast, covering all kinds of topics, including: going from social business marketing to church communications, fostering transparency, why having a social media policy is important, using a winning combo of Instagram + Twitter + Facebook, value of the call to action, only posting content worthy of sharing, weaving together the online with the offline, giving people something to talk about, managing time usage on social media, what’s great about a church that’s social, and so much more!

Apologies for the less-than-optimal sound quality tarnished by ambient background noise on my side and the occasional artifacts from internet bandwidth hiccups of a cross-country conversation spanning 3,000+ miles. And, please forgive me for misspeaking the name of the church during this episode.

You never know who will show up in @pastordhughes office! #WWJST

Show Notes

Connect with Summer Boone @summerjoy on Twitter and her blog

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Peter Guirguis of Calvary Chapel South Bay: Episode 42

This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Peter Guirguis, the Social Media Manager of Calvary Chapel South Bay. We talk about his passion for online ministry, how to share the Gospel online, and how to get thousands of Twitter followers, how often he does Twitter hygiene, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Peter Guirguis on Twitter @petenaotg and his blog

554250_10151412618433915_1092042198_nGet the (free) Guide to Getting Thousands of Twitter Followers – handy dandy Twitter followers manager

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Todd Rhoades: Episode 32

Listen to this Social Media Church podcast conversation with Todd Rhoades about how he curates interesting content about the church, his perspective on the evolution of social media, how email is still relevant, online conferences at Leadership Network, why social media is underutilized in local churches, and more. Todd is the Director of New Media and Technology Initiatives at Leadership Network. Todd’s blog has been described as “one half Bible and one half National Enquirer.”

Show Notes

Connect with Todd Rhoades at and @ToddRhoades on Twitter

List of most popular Facebook pages of churches and ministries

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Meredith Gould of #ChSocM : Episode 30

This episode of the Social Media Church podcast features a conversation with Dr. Meredith Gould, the founder and host of the Twitter-based ecumenical Church Social Media Chat using hashtag #ChSocM. Listen to the back story of how this Tweetchat has flourished over the past year and a half, becoming the go-to place on Twitter for conversations about church and social media.

Show Notes

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Join the #ChSocM Tweetchat on Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT (or via

#ChSocM transcripts at

Tweetchat Church Social Media #CHSOCM – An easy-peasy guide created by Meredith Gould

Select books by Meredith Gould — The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today and Getting #Married: Using Social Media

‘Hashtag’ Declared 2012’s Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society

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Josh Burns of Park Community Church: Episode 21

This episode features a conversation with Josh Burns with a bonus segment of my best tips for churches thinking about launching an Internet campus. Josh Burns, Director of Web and Social Media at Park Community Church (Chicago, IL), explains how he gets paid to do social media for a church, the philosophy of how his church uses social media as a means to connecting people into face-to-face relationships, and how to know if your church’s social media strategy is effective.

Show Notes

Connect with Josh Burns at his blog or twitter @jburno

Park Community Church is on Twitter @parkchurch, Facebook, and Instagram @parkchurch; here’s some articles that mention them:

watch Real Social Media Ministry’s Interview with Josh Burns of Park Community Church

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