Dr. Verity Jones of the New Media Project: Episode 58

Dr. Verity Jones is Project Director of the New Media Project, founded in 2010 to help religious leaders think theologically about digital technology. Listen to an excerpt from their February 2013 conference, Digital Church: Theology and New Media, with best ideas for social media from Nadia Bolz-Weber (House for All Sinners and Saints), Eugene Cho (Quest Church), and Tony Lee (Community of Hope AME Church). Sound bite: “Churches and church pastors are just going to be in the mixed media business for a long time…”

Show Notes for this episode of the Social Media Church podcast

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Conference videos – Digital Church: Theology and New Media (February 2013)

#article Thinking Theologically About Social Media (by Verity Jones, in Huffington Post 6/2012)

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In 2011, the New Media Project research fellows conducted case studies of 6 innovative projects in digital communication based in congregations, religious institutions, or para-church organizations. The 6 case study subjects are:


How Technology Will Affect Your Ministry: Episode 44

This episode of Social Media Church features a caller’s comment, commentary, and presentation. You can listen to the episode for the comment and commentary. And, the presentation “9 Ministry Issues You’ll Face with Technology” is an audio excerpt of a Chapel message by John Dyer, courtesy of Dallas Theological Seminary – used by permission. John Dyer is the Executive Director of Communications and Educational Technology at Dallas Theological Seminary. John is also the author of the thought-provoking book, From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology.

Show Notes

Arman Sheffey is an Associate Pastor at Torch Church (Round Lake Beach, IL); connect with him on Twitter @ArmanSheffey

Tim Keller blogs at KellerDating.com about Love, Sex and Dating in a Post-Christian World; connect with him on Twitter @TimothyKeller and Samantha Keller blogs at scrappysam.com

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fromthegardentothecityJohn Dyer blogs at donteatthefruit.com and is on Twitter @JohnDyer

#presentation 9 Ways Technology Will Impact Your Future Ministry (3/6/2013 at DTS Chapel)

#presentation Thinking Theologically About Technology and Culture (3/5/2013 at DTS Chapel)

#book From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology by John Dyer

Justin Wise: Episode 33

This Social Media Church episode features a conversation with Justin Wise, Communications Director for Monk Development, an internet technology company. We learn about his past experience as a digital director at Lutheran Church of Hope (Des Moines, Iowa), how he launched an Internet Campus for a Lutheran church, and his keen insights about social media, generations, communications, and theology. True to form, Martin Luther makes a cameo.

Justin was a previous Executive Director for the Center for Church Communication and a contributor to the multi-author book Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication in which I (DJ Chuang) also contributed.

Show Notes

Connect with Justin Wise at justinwise.net and on Twitter @JustinWise

Justin Wise’s book announcement for his new book, tentatively sub-titled: A Theology of Digital Communication

What would you give as a title for Justin’s book? Add a comment, and let’s crowdsource the book title right here! I can’t guarantee it, but maybe the winning title will get a free copy of the book and a shout-out (at the very least…)

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[update April 2013] Justin Wise launched his podcast #THINKDIGITAL