The making of Social Media Church: Episode 40

On this episode, listen to DJ Chuang share the back story of how the Social Media Church podcast came into existence — how I decided on the content and program format, what are the technologies and software used, and my lessons learned.

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How to Podcast – Key Ingredients: Episode 39

The Social Media Church podcast is a weekly conversation with church leaders about social media. On this episode, we break from the typical conversation and open the floor for host DJ Chuang to describe the key ingredients that go into making a podcast so you can think through the preparation for the podcast you should be producing.

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Connect with DJ Chuang at, on Twitter @djchuang,

my List of Christian podcasts that aren’t sermons

Results from a 2007 study conducted by The Barna Group showed that 38% of evangelicals and 31% of other born-again Christians had listened to a sermon or church teaching via podcasts

5 Podcast Ideas to Connect to an Online Audience

Facebook Groups: Online ministry & church practitioners, Social Media for Churches

Google+ Community: Social Media in the Church, Church Tech

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#aside Lon Solomon’s NOT A SERMON, JUST A THOUGHT sixty-second messages based on real-life issues, broadcast throughout the Washington D.C. metro area — [ed.note: and ought to setup a podcast feed to increase distribution]