Social Media Saved a Church: Episode 48

Social Media Church features this conversation with Judith Gotwald about the story behind this article about her church, “How Social Media Saved Our Church” (posted 4/18/13 @ Within 2 years of getting online to actively use social media, their church has seen worldwide impact far beyond the previous ministry efforts in a physical church building.

Show Notes

Connect with Judith Gotwald on Twitter @jigotwald + her church 2×2 The Church Without a Building + at her website

#article The Social Media Revolution (or Reformation?) (5/6/2013)

#article Overcoming the fear of Social Media (2/09/2013)

The Social Media Ministry page at has practical tips like 9 Reasons to Start A Social Media Ministry Committee, Social Media Can Help Your Church Make a Good First Impression, Forming a Social Media Ministry Committee, Finding Content for Your Church Blog, Getting Pastors Onboard with Social Media, Budgeting for Social Media Ministry, and more.

#alternative #article Technology won’t resurrect dead churches (The Baptist Standard, 5/02/2013)