Social Media Summit for Churches = Free Online Event on 6/4

Coming soon to a screen near you.. a free online conference for church leaders about social media.. the Social Media Summit for Churches! Go to your calendar now, save the date June 4th, block out 90 minutes starting @ 10:00pm Pacific / 12:00pm Central / 1:00pm Eastern & register for Sign in to watch this free event >>

Social Media Summit for Churches

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Oscar Soto of Christ Fellowship: Episode 46

Social Media Church features a conversation with Oscar Soto, the Online Campus Pastor of Christ Fellowship (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida). We take an insider look at how Christ Fellowship reaches as many people online as they do offline, how they do 16 online services every week, online training, translating messages into American Sign Language (ASL) for online ministry to deaf, and more!

Show Notes

Connect with Oscar Soto on Twitter @OscarSotoJr and on Facebook at; on Christ Fellowship’s Online Campus at

#article Click ‘Pray’ to Pray: How Evangelical Megapastor Joel Osteen Is Saving Souls With Facebook (Huffington Post, 5/9/13)

#webinar Sign up for the free Leadership Network webinar, “Top 3 Tech Trends Impacting the Church” – Thursday May 16th (2:00pm ET/ 11:00am PT) with a panel of thought leaders from Google, MonkDev, Social Media Church, and Menlo Park Presbyterian Church to discuss the trends of Social Media Engagement, Mobile Implementation, and Crowd Mobilization.

Beyond Digital Initiative of Leadership Network – The two primary components of the Beyond Digital initiative are the Beyond Digital Leadership Community and the Leadership Network Hackathons.  The Beyond Digital Leadership Community is a two-year, peer-centered learning community that brings together innovative church leaders who place a high strategic value on digital tools, tactics, and spaces for accomplishing their church’s mission.  These are churches that have “gone digital” to a high degree, but also recognize that having an app or an internet campus isn’t the extent of their digital reach.  The result of the Beyond Digital Leadership Community will be the deployment of the most innovative digital tools of our time for the accomplishment of the timeless mission of the Church. Code for the Kingdom, Leadership Network’s Hackathons, will involve a series of creative contests designed to help churches engage and release the information technology innovation of the general public, without constraints of geographies, church membership, and cultures, to produce solutions that will advance the Kingdom.

Dr. Tim Hutchings, online church researcher: Episode 37

This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Dr. Tim Hutchings, currently a research fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Open University and editor of the Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture. Tim discusses learnings and insights from rigorous academic research about online churches, what kind of people worship online, explores whether online relationships are real or not, and much much more.

Show Notes

Connect with Dr. Tim Hutchings on Twitter @tim_hutchings

Participate in Tim’s current project, CyberBibles: New Media and Sacred Text. If you’ve tried using digital media to help you read the Bible, please fill out this survey – and encourage your friends to do the same. This survey is part of a new research project that aims to find out how digital media are changing Christian attitudes to Scripture. If you have ever read the Bible on a computer screen, listened to it on your MP3 player, joined an online reading group or downloaded a Bible app to your mobile phone, fill out the survey. Learn more about this research project.

Tim contributes to the Big Bible Project blog, i.e. Cyberchurch Theology (part one of, um, more than one)Cyberchurch Theology, Part Two: The Problem With CommunityHow Not to do Online Evangelism

Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture – a free online publication

Considering religious community through online churches” published in Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds by Heidi Campbell (Routledge, 2012) – features a case study of St. Pixels (Church on the Internet) and

Creating Church Online: Ritual, Community, and New Media by Tim Hutchings – to be published May 2013 by Routledge, based on his Ph.D. research, an ethnographic study of five Christian communities that met online, using new media to create forms of worship, teaching, evangelism and debate. The study focused on ritual, authority, community and the relationship between online and offline activity.

Creating Church Online: Networks and Collectives in Contemporary Christianity” (by Tim Hutchings) is published in “Digital Religion, Social Media and Culture: Perspectives, Practices and Futures”, ed. Pauline Hope Cheong, Peter Fischer-Nielsen, Stefan Gelfgren and Charles Ess (Peter Lang, 2012)

#excerpt Creating church online: A case-study approach to religious experience, in Studies in World Christianity 13(3) (2008)

Scholar’s Top 5: Tim Hutchings’ 5 recommended resources on the topic of online Christian churches

Dana Byers of and : Episode 29

Dana Byers is our first special guest in 2013 on the Social Media Church podcast, and she shares about her top learnings from years of experience in doing online ministry globally with Blue Door Ministries, as well as her ministry as Online Community Pastor at

Show Notes

Connect with Dana Byers on Twitter @danalbyers and her blog

Dana Byers authored The Art of Online Ministry (a Kindle eBook)

#blog: How Urbana 12 Changed my Life too (

Previous episodes of Social Media Church with Episode 14 with Alan George, Episode 10 with Brandon Donaldson

#video: 3 Online Ministry Indicators Dana’s observations from successful online ministries

#podcast: Dana Byers shared key insights to minimalism on the Beyond the To Do List podcast

#video: watch the raw video of this conversation with Dana Byers and DJ Chuang

Douglas Estes of SimChurch: Episode 27

Listen to this espisode of Social Media Church to hear a conversation with Douglas Estes, author of SimChurch: Being the Church in the Virtual World (Zondervan, 2009.) We talked about his insightful perspective about churches using technology, and what he thinks might be next for the church in a virtual world. I like this book’s approach, because it wrestles with issues of ecclesiology and technology. I also read an excerpt from the book on this podcast, a particularly poignant thought about what it really means to be “present.”

Show Notes

Connect with Douglas Estes at, @douglasestes on Twitter and Douglas Estes is currently the Lead Pastor at Trinity Church, in Mesa, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. is the book’s website