Episode 1: Social Media Church with Kenny Jahng

Welcome to the first episode of the Social Media Church! This weekly podcast aims to be a place for conversations with church leaders about social media. On this podcast, you’ll hear from church leaders from around the country (United States of America) and around the world, and as you listen to their thinking behind why and how they’re incorporating social media into the life of their church, it’s our hope that you’ll also hear their heartbeat. You’ll hear from church leaders on the front lines of ministry, those who are pushing the envelope and dreaming up new possibilities, as well as church leaders in contexts that are just beginning to go from print to digital.

Our first guest is Kenny JahngPastor of Media & Innovation at Liquid Church, a multi-site church in New Jersey. We discuss how Liquid Church is using social media to extend its ministry online and offline, incorporating both social media and traditional media, explaining the importance of innovation in the church, and more.

You’ll see 2 photos below, because there are 2 voices on the podcast. That’s me, DJ Chuang, on the left, and I’ll usually be the podcast host; and Kenny is pictured on the right.


Show Notes

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