The back story of YouVersion Bible app: Episode 41

This episode of Social Media Church features a presentation (excerpted with permission) courtesy of The Gathering, a community of givers for Christian philanthropy. During The Gathering National Conference 2011, Bobby Gruenewald shared the history of YouVersion during a breakout session. Bobby Gruenewald serves as Pastor, Innovation Leader at, and is the founder of the YouVersion. He was also listed in the Fast Company 100 Most Creative People in Business 2011.

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#article The Next Bible (The Daily Beast, 03/12/13)

#video TEDxOU – Bobby Gruenewald – The Responsibility of Technology

#video The Bible In a Technological Age by Bobby Gruenewald at Q Portland 2011

#chapter The Engagement Economy (Bobby Gruenewald, YouVersion) in Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto, edited by Hugh McGuire and Brian O’Leary

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Dana Byers of and : Episode 29

Dana Byers is our first special guest in 2013 on the Social Media Church podcast, and she shares about her top learnings from years of experience in doing online ministry globally with Blue Door Ministries, as well as her ministry as Online Community Pastor at

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Dana Byers authored The Art of Online Ministry (a Kindle eBook)

#blog: How Urbana 12 Changed my Life too (

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#video: 3 Online Ministry Indicators Dana’s observations from successful online ministries

#podcast: Dana Byers shared key insights to minimalism on the Beyond the To Do List podcast

#video: watch the raw video of this conversation with Dana Byers and DJ Chuang

Episode 14: Alan George of

On this episode of Social Media Church, we hear from Alan George, the Church Online Pastor at, sharing the back story of how someone not technically-inclined became an Internet Campus Pastor, the big surprise of pastoring online, how to coordinate and mobilize a large team of volunteers, the missional use of technology, and what might be dreaming up next.

Show Notes

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Episode 10 of Social Media Church – Brandon Donaldson tells all about how launched its Internet Campus

Church Online – worship experiences online

Church Online Platform – a free tool to help you launch an online ministry – track your church data

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Episode 10: When Launched its Internet Campus

Social Media Church features on this episode the back story of how started its Internet Campus (now called Church Online). Brandon Donaldson shared the story on a November 2008 Leadership Network webinar, A Closer Look at Internet Campuses. Brandon started as’s Internet Campus Pastor in 2005, launched it in April 2006, and continued in that role through mid-2011, when Alan George took on the role.

I’ve excerpted just the relevant portions from the webinar audio pertaining to and included the Q&A relating to (The full webinar also had a presentation about Flamingo Road Church’s Internet Campus, now known as Potential Church.)

At the time of this episode’s publishing, there are less than 100 U.S. churches with Internet campuses. Hearing this back story can be most helpful for the other 300,000+ churches to develop their use of social media and the Internet to extend their ministries.

Show Notes

A Closer Look at Internet Campuses – watch video of entire webinar and webinar show notes ‘s Church Online now runs 51 online worship experiences every week, and has since launched its Church Online Platform for free so your church can run its own online worship experience too

DJ Chuang’s List of Churches with Internet Campuses or Livestreams