Kevin Hendricks of Episode 83

Kevin Hendricks is editorial director of, a blog
that has championed church communications for almost a decade. Church Marketing Sucks is a part of the Center for Church Communication, a nonprofit organization where courageous storytellers are welcome. On this episode of Social Media Church, Kevin describes how social media fits within the overall scheme of things with church communications, how to manage multi-channel communications, and the next resources coming from the Center for Church Communication.

Show Notes

getting-startedConnect with Kevin Hendricks at @kevinhendricks on Twitter + follow @cmsucks for their handcrafted tweets about church marketing that doesn’t stink

Getting Started In Church Communication Ebook Series

  • Copy Matters: The written word needs to be written well.
  • Web Basics: Here’s to church websites that wow.
  • Landing a Job: Your new job is waiting.

2-Day Intensive Certification Lab (Atlanta, GA @ June 9-10, 2014) – intense workshop designed specifically for those who are new to the role of a church communicator, covering topics like: websites, logos, branding, social media strategy, web strategy and design basics. Listen to this episode for the special discount code and save $100 when you register before 4/25.

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Justin Wise: Episode 33

This Social Media Church episode features a conversation with Justin Wise, Communications Director for Monk Development, an internet technology company. We learn about his past experience as a digital director at Lutheran Church of Hope (Des Moines, Iowa), how he launched an Internet Campus for a Lutheran church, and his keen insights about social media, generations, communications, and theology. True to form, Martin Luther makes a cameo.

Justin was a previous Executive Director for the Center for Church Communication and a contributor to the multi-author book Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication in which I (DJ Chuang) also contributed.

Show Notes

Connect with Justin Wise at and on Twitter @JustinWise

Justin Wise’s book announcement for his new book, tentatively sub-titled: A Theology of Digital Communication

What would you give as a title for Justin’s book? Add a comment, and let’s crowdsource the book title right here! I can’t guarantee it, but maybe the winning title will get a free copy of the book and a shout-out (at the very least…)

#extra: DJ Chuang’s February is Fundraising campaign; Orange County Register article, “O.C. exports Asian American churches to the world

[update April 2013] Justin Wise launched his podcast #THINKDIGITAL