Marcus Cylar: Episode 108

Marcus Cylar worked on an interesting research project titled “Building Community Through Social Media to Tackle Pastoral Burnout” for his Doctor of Ministry dissertation at Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit, Michigan. On this episode of Social Media Church, we glean from his learnings from this research project about online community.

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How A Millennial Uses Social Media: Episode 107

Social Media Church host DJ Chuang sits down with his 17-year old son Jeremiah to pick his brains about what it’s like to grow up in a world that’s always had the Internet, how he uses social media, and what insights he has about being a part of the a millennial generation. Yes, let’s actually listen to a millennial personally describe the millennial generation that’s so often talked about in mainstream media but not yet understood.

Show Notes

Real Millennial Pastors of Churches for Millennials

Josh Burns of Social Church Academy: Episode 106

Listen to what Josh Burns has learned in 4+ years at Park Community Church (Chicago) as director of social media and what he’s cooking up at the Social Church Academy with Think Digital. He talks about the key steps for how your church can build its social media strategy.

Josh is the Marketing Manager of Social Church Academy, an online resource designed to help churches grow their social media presence. Each month, members receive the resources, tools and access to expert interviews they need in order to grow their church with social media. For our friends at Social Media Church Podcast, get a discount on the already discounted charter offer by using the code: DJ ~ this code expires on January 2. Click here to become a member today. Merry Christmas!

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KNOW-LIKE-TRUST-BUILD – a blog post Justin Wise wrote and it includes the KLTB spectrum and the system

Adam Graber: Episode 105

This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Adam Graber, a blogger at The Second Eclectic, with a tagline of: “Technology changes how we relate to God and each other.” Listen in for how social media changes how we relate to God and each other.

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#ebook: From Pews to Podcasts: What Technology Wants for the Church – .. how church pews were 14th-century social media

other #articles by Adam Graber

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Doug Pagitt: Episode 104

Doug Pagitt has had quite a faith journey, from no faith to megachurch, from emergent church to missional community (though he might say being emergent is being missional, though others may not). Currently, Doug Pagitt is the national director of the Cana Initiative and Doug is the founding pastor of Solomon’s Porch (Minneapolis, Minnesota). On this episode of Social Media Church, we meander through multiple layers of conversations about how social media might have played a role in his theological explorations. This is the most fascinating circuitous conversations we’ve had to date and you’re guaranteed to hear something you’ll disagree with; I know I did 🙂 Or your money back.

Show Notes

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#book Flipped: The Provocative Truth That Changes Everything We Know About God by Doug Pagitt (releasing in February 2015)

7 other books by Doug Pagitt, including A Emergent Manifesto of Hope, Church in the Inventive Age, A Christianity Worth Believing

#video raw recording of this conversation – Doug Pagitt with DJ Chuang

The Nines online conference – hosted by Leadership Network