Biblical Meaning Of Frogs In Dreams: 7 Imminent Warnings!

Have you been seeing frogs in your dreams? You aren’t alone. As believers, frog dreams are common and have many messages that say a lot about our spiritual and waking lives.

Keep reading if you have been seeing these dreams. Here, we address the interpretations of these dreams and what to do when you see them

Biblical Meaning Of Frogs In Dreams: 7 Imminent Warnings!

Biblical Meaning Of Frogs In Dreams

Frogs are different. Their amphibian nature is astonishing. They can survive both on land and water. And you have probably seen a lot of them in your waking life.

But what do these creatures stand for when we see them in our dreams? 

Do the long leaps of frogs mean success? Or does their excellent adaptability foretell our resilience in incoming trials and challenges?

Here are seven biblical messages that abide when you see frogs in your dream. Keep reading. 

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1) Destruction 

Frogs was the second of the ten plagues sent to wreak havoc on Egypt when Pharaoh didn’t want the Israelites to go. We see this in Psalms 78:45:

“He sent swarms of flies that devoured them, and frogs that devastated them.”

Psalm 78:45

Dreaming of frogs signifies incoming destruction or disaster on you or someone close to you. Maybe you had this dream and felt relaxed, but something still felt off.

Watch out for those around you. It might be them if you have any friend or family member living contrary to God’s will. 

2) Divine Transformation

Frogs are known for their remarkable shift from tadpoles to adult form. Depending on how the frog appears in your dream, you can expect a massive lift in your spiritual life.

However, these dreams aren’t limited to spiritual life alone. The frog dreams also affect your financial life, relationship, and career. 

Whatever aspect of your life is being targeted, you are about to experience a radical change.

While it might look downhill now, it is the quiet before the storm. You are about to reach heights you never thought were possible

3) Uncleanliness 

Frogs are related to uncleanliness. If we flip to Leviticus 11:42, we see frogs are included in the list of unclean animals that shouldn’t be eaten.

While you might believe this part of the Bible is null, the concept remains clear. Frogs are related to a sense of spiritual and moral uncleanliness. 

“You are not to eat any creature that moves along the ground, whether it moves on its belly or walks on all fours or on many feet; it is unclean.”

Leviticus 11:42

When you see frogs in your dreams, God sends you a message—you are unclean.

As Christians, this means that you have been smeared by sin, and it is high time you ask for forgiveness and become pure again. Sins are stains, and they often hamper our relationship with God.

So when frog dreams are recurring, God tries to help us, but our uncleanliness is in the way

4) Affliction  

Affliction is negative. We see several instances in the Bible describing affliction that aren’t good. Their meanings span several meanings, from illness to grief.

But did you know that frogs also relate to the despicable phenomenon? 

The plague was their affliction for the Egyptians, and the frogs were at the forefront. Similarly, when believers start seeing lots of frogs flock into their dreamscape, they are about to witness affliction.

While this sounds scary and burdensome, there is nothing to worry about. Remember that God has got your back.  

5) False Prophets   

Since frogs mean unclean spirits, you have false prophets on your premises. Your pastor or close friends might show fake doctrine, leading you astray.

There is little to note here as it is pretty self-explanatory. So look around your faith and see who might be sowing the seed of misdirection. 

6) Victory

When you see a dead frog in your dreams, it means you have come out victorious. It doesn’t matter if you killed the frog or met it dead.

This scene implies that your spiritual war has had a turn of events. The ball is yours now, and the enemy taunt that kept you on your toes has finally been defeated.

Typically, this scene calls for Thanksgiving

7) Progress 

Was the frog a tadpole the last time you saw it? In this case, seeing a frog in your dream might mean that you are experiencing progress in your waking life.

There is no need to be scared of these kinds of dreams. They usually have positive connotations. So rejoice if you have dreams like these. 

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What Does The Bible Say About Frogs?

Frog staying the dark

Frogs depict a broad range of meanings. In Exodus 8, frogs mean the beginning of God’s wrath.

“Their land brought forth frogs in abundance, in the chambers of their kings.”

Psalms 105:30

We also see the Bible refer to frogs as unclean spirits.

“Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”

Revelation 16:13

There are few, if any, positive depictions of frogs in the Bible. However, that doesn’t mean all their appearances in dreams are negative. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Frogs? 

frog on lotus leaf

Was the frog dead or inside your home? Dreams don’t have static interpretations.

Depending on the state of the frog in your dreams, there are various interpretations that we can bring to life. Here, we go over five common ones: 

Dreaming Of A Frog Inside The House:

european tree frog

When you see a frog in your house in your dreams, it has profound implications. It represents inviting evil spirits into your dwelling.

This invite can be intentional by sinning or unintentional in the form of enemy attacks. More so, depending on the area of the house you find the frog in, there are several interpretations.

Was the frog found in the bedroom? This represents a taunt on your intimacy in relationships.

If you see the frog in the kitchen, it means spiritual attacks on your nourishment. So, mind what you consume, be it scripture or media. 

Dead Frogs In Dreams:

little frog on green leaf

Seeing a dead frog in your dream means you emerge victorious in spiritual warfare. The dead frog depicts a conquered enemy.

However, the effects might still affect you when you have dreams like this where the frog remains. But since you met the frog dead, God or a close friend has interceded for you and destroyed the enemies. 

Killing A Frog Dream Meaning:

milk frog on branch

Like seeing a dead frog in your dream, killing a frog in a dream also means victory.

Perhaps you have been experiencing attacks and praying about it; these dreams are confirmatory messages you have won.

We see an instance in Exodus 8 where the Egyptians asked Moses to get rid of the frogs, and all died, except for the ones that belonged in the Nile. 

“Moses replied, “It will be as you say, so that you may know there is no one like the Lord our God.The frogs will leave you and your houses, your officials and your people; they will remain only in the Nile.”

Exodus 8:10-11

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Taking Care Of A Frog In A Dream:

little baby frog

Although many negatives are attached to seeing frogs in the dream, they also have positive meanings. When you are taking care of a frog, it means your plans are about to experience great success.

So when you see your frog resting, it is time you go into a mood for Thanksgiving. God has finally answered your prayers, and this dream shows it. 

Frog Attacking You In A Dream:

frog with open mouth

When a frog attacks you in the dream, it is an audacious move by the enemies to hamper your spiritual life.

Even though a frog attacking you means an enormous destruction is coming. Don’t fret.

These dreams are a sign to go to the Lord in prayer. When you seek God like this, he will respond in time. Don’t lose faith when you see a frog jumping towards you

What Do Frogs Represent Spiritually?

frog family

Frogs represent destruction, God’s wrath, and uncleanliness. So when you see frogs in your dreamscape, they are usually negative.

They often express that the enemies are pressing an attack or you have let sins take hold of your life. Frogs are heavy with symbolism.

Here are some of the bible verses that describe the frog: 

  • Revelation 16:13 – Frogs are seen as unclean;
  • Psalms 105:30 – God worked terrible miracles to punish the Egyptians and free his people;
  • Psalms 78:45 – Destruction.

Are Frogs In A Dream A Good Luck Sign?

dumpy frog trying to stay on branch

It depends on how you see the frogs in your dreams.

If you see the frog dead or you kill it in your dream, it means you have become victorious in a spiritual war that has threatened your spiritual growth and progress in your waking life.

Otherwise, the sight of frogs in your dreams is a terrible sign. You need to fasten your prayer life to counter advancing enemies.

Remember, however, that you aren’t doing it alone. The Holy Spirit is right by your side to ensure that you succeed, regardless of what the enemies might have in store. 

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In Conclusion…

Frogs are disturbing spiritual symbols in the dreamscape. Seeing them indicates that your spiritual life is about to be flooded with spiritual attacks and affliction.

As a believer, all you must do is find God through prayer. He has the necessary supplications to help you out of the lowly place.

Remember Jeremiah 33:3:

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

Jeremiah 33:3

Biblical Meaning Of Frogs In Dreams: 7 Inpending Warnings

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