Biblical Meaning Of Flooding Water In Dream: Upcoming Danger?

Have you ever experienced floods in your dream? What was the outcome? Did it carry you or your belongings? Did you escape the floods?

Well, this is a rare dream that doesn’t occur to everyone. So, if you have woken up from this dream, you should take it seriously. 

When God wants to send us a message, He can use any form of communication to attract our attention. He does so to protect you from danger.

This article provides all biblical answers to the dream you had. So, continue reading!

Biblical Meaning Of Flooding Water In A Dream 

flooding city street

“From east to west everyone will fear him and his great power. He will come like a rushing river, like a strong wind.”

Isaiah 59:19

Biblically, floods symbolize spiritual attack. The force the water comes within your dream is a sign of satanic invaders. 

There is no verse in the bible that associates floods with being a good thing or dream. Just like in the story of Noah (Genesis 6:7), when floods came, only those who acknowledged God and sought His forgiveness survived. 

God sent heavy rainfall that flooded all the wicked people who refused to enter Noah’s ark by disobeying God’s servant.

Floods in your dream could also mean your enemy is planning to bring you down by causing harm

The LORD destroyed all living beings on the earth—human beings, animals, and birds. The only ones left were Noah and those who were with him in the boat.

Genesis 7:23

If you are in the flood, you have been captured, arrested, and locked up in the satanic prison. Being carried by floods is a sign of big loss coming your way. 

But, when you trust in God and lock yourself in prayers, you won’t experience loss or be carried by flood in your dream. 

Dream Of Flood Outside My House Biblical Meaning 

flooding house

First, dreaming of floods is a sign things are not okay in your life, whether spiritually or physically. So, when you dream of a flood outside your house, it’s a sign every bad thing is happening to you. 

As mentioned earlier, floods bring about changes. And when you don’t know how to deal with the changes, everything will go bad.

Changes can be scary, violent, aggressive, and dangerous to you.

When you are out of control with a high anxiety level, you won’t know what is happening outside. So, you can’t keep calm when you are too worried. This is why you are experiencing this dream.

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Dream About Escaping A Flood: Bible Explanation 

flooded river

As mentioned earlier, when God sent the flood, it was to bring about changes. When you dream of floods, it signifies danger or impending destruction

It represents new beginnings, changes, and forgiveness. But, in this dream, you may find yourself escaping the flood. 

Escaping from this situation means you can still overcome this situation and find stability. Biblically, escaping is a sign you can deal with the problem.

Remember, you can’t handle any problem without God.

Because God is the one who gives and takes, when you believe, obey, and trust in Him, you can overcome any situation in your life.

The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.”

Psalm 34:19

The same way the righteous survived during Noah’s ark is how you will overcome all this. 

Other reasons could be:

  • You feel helpless and vulnerable in your life;
  • The need to let go of things or someone that’s not adding value to you;
  • A sign of overcoming challenges and coming out even stronger;
  • A sign of potential danger;
  • You desire to escape this overwhelming situation.

Now, let’s take a look at the Biblical meanings and messages about dreaming of flooding waters.

Dream Of Flooding Waters: 7 Biblical Meanings  

Dream Of Flooding Waters: 7 Biblical Meanings  

When you dream of flooding waters, it doesn’t mean flooding will happen in your waking life. This is rarely a good omen. So, biblically, this is what it means:

1) Coming danger or destruction

Before God sent a flood on the earth, Noah was told to warn everyone of the upcoming floods. But people were too busy drinking, eating, and marrying that they ignored this message.

So, when the flood came, it swept and killed everything. 

For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

Mathew 24:38-39

This means that you should not take this dream lightly because it’s a warning sign of spiritual or physical danger.

Remember, the flood was not sent to destroy but to cleanse the earth against sin and evil.

2) A new beginning

As mentioned above, the purpose of the flood sent during Noah’s ark was to cleanse against sin and evil. God was preparing the earth for a new beginning. 

Now, when God is preparing you for a fresh start, it’s possible a storm has to show up in your life. The people and things around you have to be tested. 

You will even find your relationships with others breaking, and you remain all alone. This is God’s work. He is preparing you for a fresh start.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

Isaiah 43:19

After the flood storm was over, all the people, animals, and birds in Noah’s Ark started a new life. So, the flood was necessary. 

So, if you are a believer, God uses this flooding dream to prepare you for new beginnings. Be ready to encounter challenges and failures if you want to overcome them. 

3) You are under spiritual attack

I have already mentioned that flooding dreams are commonly God’s warning messages. So, God is sending you a message that you are under spiritual attack. This is the plot of your enemies. 

When an enemy plans an attack, it is a surprise to clear you. But since God is omnipresent, He knows everything even before they plot it.

So God notifies us ahead (Psalm 91:10). He cannot let evil befall the righteous. 

“no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.”

Psalm 91:10

Generally, this dream happens when your enemy has everything set up with the intent to terminate your life or cause destruction.

As said, the flood comes as a destruction. But, with God by your side, nothing can harm you.

4) An upcoming season of trouble

As much as God sent floods, not all destruction is caused by Him. He didn’t cause destruction; He cleansed everything. Now, there are destructions brought by enemies. 

These destructions have to be there because that is their purpose. As a Christ believer, when you keep winning, your enemies won’t be excited about it. They will have to cause destruction

You may be getting a salary increment and promotion, but it won’t be beneficial since your enemies are working against you.

That’s why you will hear your loved one is sick, and the amount needed for treatment is four times more than you can make in a year. 

So, this dream could be preparing you for a season of trouble. But don’t stop believing or trusting in God. Prayers work. 

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5) Bad luck and frustration

Sometimes, a flood in dreams could represent bad luck and frustration. You may be facing a wave of bad luck in your waking life.

When you don’t have money, you can’t pay for your kid’s fees, medication, food, and any other need. 

Everything you put your hands on ends up failing. You may think the world has turned against you, but it’s not that way; it’s the waves of bad luck and frustration following you.

But you can win this through prayers. With God by your side, your bad luck will end, and you will no longer feel frustrated. So, this is just a passing wave. 

6) You may experience immense loss

Floods in your dreams can also symbolize an immense loss that you may find difficult to come from it.

As mentioned earlier, floods wash and clear everything. This dream could mean you may soon have something of importance in your life. 

This can be a career, relationship, business, loved one, or something dear to you. You may lose this thing for good, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

But, when you trust in your God, intuition and instincts, put your skills ahead, and pray to God for guidance, you may prevent this loss from happening. 

7) Your feelings are guiding you

When you dream of floods, everything will be carried away from your path.

So, this means your emotions are taking over. Rather than using wisdom in decision-making, you are using your emotions. 

Ideally, this is a sign that the decisions you are making in your waking life are based on what you feel rather than what is right and makes sense.

Now, the results of the emotional decisions can have a significant impact on your life

And because of it, your decisions are now causing heartbreaks and making life more difficult. So, don’t ignore this dream. Pray over it so that God may give you wisdom when making important decisions. 

What Does The Bible Say About Floods? 

flooded houses

The world is trying to cope with the devastating effects of the floods on the Earth. Even biblically, floods weren’t a good omen.

Floods carry away everything that man depends on. Though they are devastating, there are also positive things about floods: they bring about new beginnings.

This is what the bible says about floods:

  • We are in the last days (2 Timothy 3:1). During this time, we will experience terrifying events, and climate change (Luke 21:11) has contributed to it significantly. 

“There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.”

Luke 21:11
  • A reason for hope. Every terrifying event happening on earth is a reason for hope. Because biblically, it is a sign the kingdom of God is near (Matthew 24:3).

As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?”.”

Matthew 24:3

Is This Dream A Warning? 

river flood

Yes, dreaming about floods is a warning message from God. God sent flood to cleanse sin and evil on earth. Those who did not trust and believe in him perished. 

So, floods in your dreams can be a sign of destruction, loss, attacks, bad luck, and so on. But one thing is clear: when the floods ended, it was the start of a new period

The same thing applies to our lives; the wave of floods in our dreams prepares us for new beginnings. A fresh start. It cleanses the land so we can start afresh.

Whatever you do, do not ignore the dream about floods because God is sending you a message. 

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In Conclusion…

I hope the above article explains the biblical meanings of flooding water in dreams. Do not ignore or take this dream lightly.

Now, since it’s associated with evil and sin, God will always fight for a plot your enemies are planning against you. 

Pray! Pray! Pray!

God is omnipresent, our provider and protector; no evil formed to destroy you, and your plans will work with Him by your side. So trust and believe in Him to overcome the wave of floods in your waking life. 

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