Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Dead Ex

Did you dream about your dead ex or husband? This is a deeper emotional experience because it can happen when you think you’ve already moved on and come to terms with their death.

I had from a friend of mine that she dreamt of having dinner with her dead ex. This was surprising because it’s been 15 years since her ex died.

For her, she seemed unbothered, but I knew there must be a reason for this dream. 

So, I did some digging and consulted some spiritual leaders, and I would love to share my findings in this article. Let’s explore these biblical meanings together

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Dead Ex: 7 Messages 

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Dead ex

As mentioned, there must be reasons for it because God speaks to us through dreams. Here are the meanings.

1) Your ex symbolizes something else

God used miracles and parables to deliver a message to the people. This symbolic nature is what you are experiencing.

Your dead ex in the dream symbolizes:

  • Your emotions and attachments to people and events;
  • Your view of relationships and how it’s affecting you;
  • Relationship fears;
  • The desire for an intimate connection.

Also, I believe you will also enjoy learning more about the Biblical meaning of dreaming about your ex.

2) You’ve unresolved emotions

You could have some inner unresolved emotions, which means you’ve not found closure. So, you need to explore these emotions to resolve them. 

If these emotions are negative, such as jealousy, anger, lust, and fear, it could affect your life negatively.

So, you need to seek spiritual assistance and trust God to resolve these emotions

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5

3) You have unnoticed feelings

As earlier mentioned, this dream is more about the inner you. So, you could be having unnoticed feelings such as lust, anger, and jealousy towards something or somebody.

You need to realize these emotions and figure out what is going on with you before you are found unaware. These feelings could bring changes in your life.

So, these dream means you should explore and not suppress these feelings. Remember, these feelings can destroy you.

“Because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

James 1:20

4) A message of personal growth

Dreaming about your dead ex could also mean you are undergoing personal growth and development.

You could have evolved in most aspects of your life since their demise. So, this dream could symbolize growth because you finally let go.

“Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.”

1 Timothy 4:15

5) Fear of abandonment

You could dream about your dead ex because you fear abandonment or losing someone you love. This dream is reminding you of your past pain. 

However, it could also alert you to address any issues or anxieties in your current relationship. God, who led you to a new life chapter, will surely help you overcome this fear

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

2 Timothy 1:7

6) You have a spiritual connection

Dreaming of a dead ex could also mean the both of you have a spiritual connection.

In the same way, God uses dreams to warn us against danger and evil, it’s the way He could be using your dead ex to send you a message. 

They could also be offering you guidance just as God protects and guides his people. So do not be worried because God is supporting you through a symbol you easily recognize, your ex.

“Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.”

Psalm 119:35

7) You’ve finally moved on

This dream could also be a message that you’ve finally come to terms with your loss and are ready to explore new things. Your ex is now a memory, and you no longer feel pain. 

This is a good sign because it’s time to start a new spiritual path or relationship.

So, if there is someone who interests you, don’t be afraid to explore this new opportunity

“Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.”

Proverbs 4:25

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Your Ex That Passed Away?

married couple

Dreaming about your ex who passed away symbolizes your unresolved or unfinished business with them. Maybe your ex died before you settled your issues. 

This could also mean you need closure. To find closure and peace, you first should seek forgiveness. Through prayers, God will guide you and lead you to clarity

Other meanings of this dream include:

  • You desire to seek guidance from the higher being;
  • You are reflecting on the things you learned from that relationship;
  • It’s time to let go of any form of attachment you have with that person;
  • A call to prayers to prevent something disastrous from happening.

Generally, the dream of your ex who passed away is a divine message for personal growth, reconciliation, and the need for forgiveness

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Dreaming Of A Deceased Husband Walking Away

man walking away sunset

Dreaming of a deceased husband walking away is a sign you feel powerless and helpless in some situations

It could also be you are struggling to come to terms with his death, and letting go of your grief has become difficult. So, your subconscious is reminding you to let go of the pain and grief.

Your deceased husband is even encouraging you to move on. That is why his spirit is moving on from this world.

Dreaming of a deceased husband walking away can be a message from the spiritual realm. Walking away is an indication that you should pay close attention to your instincts

Your deceased husband could also be trying to offer you comfort, support, or deliver the message.

So, you need time to self-reflect on what message it could be. Him walking away could mean you have ignored or overlooked some aspects of your life. 

Why Am I Dreaming About An Ex From Years Ago?

young couple on bench

Dreaming about an ex from years ago is a normal thing, and you may experience it occasionally for the rest of your life. It’s because:

  • You feel lonely and miss the time you spent with them;
  • You have an inner conflict with them;
  • You are not over your ex;
  • You feel dissatisfied in your new relationship;
  • There is unfinished business within yourself;
  • Your ex is blessing you to move on.

Dreaming about your ex isn’t a cause of an alarm. It’s because you are lonely and miss some aspects of being you.

When you have an inner turmoil, this is bound to happen. But if the dream is consistent, seek spiritual leaders or therapy assistance. 

Did My Ex Visit Me In My Dreams?

happy man

No, your ex in dreams is symbolic. These dreams are often more about your thoughts and feelings. Your anger, joy, challenges, or changes in life can trigger this dream.  

Besides, if you had a twinning relationship with your ex, your ex may appear in your dreams if you are missing this moment in your current relationship. 

It is also believed that your ex can visit you in dreams if they still have pending things with you. This happens if you both don’t have closure.

Or, your ex is just delivering you a message or warning you against something. 

Why Is God Making Me Have This Dream?

woman sad laying in bed

God is making you have this dream because there are some aspects of your life that you’ve ignored.  

It’s because you need to find closure and explore your new beginning, so God is using an appropriate picture to attract your attention. 

It’s more about your emotions and spiritual well-being. 

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In Conclusion…

Dreaming about your dead ex brings out multi-layered meanings and experiences. However, these dreams don’t associate directly with your real life. It’s all about your inner thoughts and feelings

It could be you’ve just found closure and are ready to move on, or there is a spiritual between you both.

Whatever the case, explore these biblical meanings with an open mind to associate with your thoughts and feelings about this dream. 

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