Biblical Meaning Of Cats In Dreams: Black Or White? Sign!

Today, I’m going to discuss the biblical meaning of cats in dreams. So, if you have woken up after being chased or killing a cat in your dreams, this article is for you.

Just like other creatures have significance in human life, cats also have profound implications. Many cultures associate cats with witchcraft and magic because of their elusive nature. 

Well, there is so much you need to understand about cats and its impact on your life. Read on.

Biblical Meaning Of Cats In Dreams 

calico cat outdoors

Cats in dreams are often not a good sign. This is because cats are often considered as agents of darkness. 

However, the Bible says all animals created by God are good. Genesis 1:31 says:

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.”

Genesis 1:31

From this scripture, even cats are good animals.

But, after the entrance of Satan and evil, everything became corrupted and changed the goodness that God made. Revelation 12:9 calls Satan the ancient serpent who deceives the whole world.

Today, agents of darkness use certain animal images to portray their evil. Like in African tradition, dreams associated with cats are always a bad omen. 

Though many consider them pets, they sometimes get aggressive, chase you, or attack you in dreams because they are an agent of darkness.

So, biblically, cats in your dream are associated with:

  • Deception;
  • Monitoring and witchcraft spirits;
  • Death and misfortune.

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Seeing Cats In Dream Biblical Interpretation 

white cat paws up

Kittens In A Dream:


Christians interpret seeing kittens in a dream as a sign of creativity, new beginnings, clarity, beauty, inner peace, femininity, and curiosity.

But, it’s also believed this can be a sign of financial problems, betrayal, and misfortune.

Now that there is lots of positivity associated with kittens in dreams, this is their biblical interpretation. 

  • You may soon receive gifts from God;
  • A desire for freedom and independence;
  • Follow the path of truth while standing up for yourself;
  • False beliefs against something or someone.

Black Cat In A Dream:

Black Cat

A black cat in dreams could mean mystery. It represents hidden events. So, a black cat in your dream is your subconscious, alerting you to be wary of negativity in your surroundings. 

Or, you have been trying to suppress some emotions for years, and it’s just trying to manifest.

Whether you feel anger or rage towards something or someone, it’s best to let go. This will set you free from this feeling that can destroy your happiness and personality.

Additionally, the black cats have long been associated with witchcraft and magic. So, when you see it in a dream, trust your instincts and listen to it.

White Cat In A Dream:

White Cat

In the bible, a white cat in dreams symbolizes fertility, purity, and prosperity. The cat is also believed to bring messages from the spiritual world. 

A white cat showing in your dream could also mean you are ready for transition. You could be seeking a fresh start after going through so many challenges. 

However, this meaning may vary depending on what you feeling in the dream. If you are uncomfortable, the white cat could send a warning message.

So, be careful with the choice you make

Angry Cat In A Dream:

Angry Cat

An angry cat in a dream represents your emotions and other personal issues. It could be because you have an unresolved conflict with your loved one.

An aggressive encounter with this cunning and independent creature symbolizes your inner turmoil. It’s happening because you are trying to manage and confront this negative emotion

Also, if you have suppressed emotions of anger and fear, the angry cat in your dream represents your uncontrolled emotions.

And since you haven’t accepted this emotion, you will feel threatened and overwhelmed with these emotions. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Cat Attacking You In A Dream

cat hissing

A cat attacking you in a dream isn’t a good sign in your waking life. Cats are members of the feline community; in the Bible, they are considered evil and predatory spirits. 

So, when you experience such in your dreams, it means that the people in your surroundings are two-faced. They do not care about you and will do anything to distract you from reaching your goal. 

Though friends are good at times, they can be the reason for your downfall.

There is this saying: “Better the devil you know than an angel you do not know.

There is one thing you should always remember: you are the only constant variable in every aspect of your life. The outcome of your life entirely is a result of your actions. 

God is always by your side, and you are always protected. He will always support you but don’t make it difficult for Him. 

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Biblical Meaning Of Killing A Cat In A Dream

sad man at home

Killing a cat in a dream is very bad, and you should seek forgiveness.

This dream is a bad omen in your waking life. Cats in dreams are often associated with witchcraft activities.

The death of a cat in your dream could symbolize the end of something, such as your virtues or personality. Anything you say or do can leave negative marks on others’ lives. 

So, if there is anything you did to hurt others, seek forgiveness.

Also, this could be the work of someone jealous about your progress. So, seek God’s assistance and forgiveness to help you get out of this situation. 

You can also interpret this dream as a warning sign from God. God is warning you that those close to you are plotting something against you.

So, with heightened intuition, you will know how to avoid falling into their trap. 

What Does A Cat Symbolize In The Bible? 

tuxedo cat outside

Biblically, you won’t get a direct mention of cats in the Bible, especially the canonical books. But the Apocrypha books in the Bible have some mentions of this creature.  

Even without being mentioned, cats are significant in Christian beliefs. There are different mentions of cat species that we can use to depict the symbolism of a cat.

For instance, lions, which fall under the cat family, are often mentioned to symbolize strength. 

“Roaring lions that tear their prey open their mouths wide against me.”

Psalm 22:13

So, there is no direct symbolism of cats, but there are biblical meanings, which we will discuss below. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Cats? 7 Messages 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Cats? 7 Messages 

Dreaming about cats has different meanings. Though we have already mentioned some aspects of it in different contexts, here are other meanings. 

1) A message of luck and unlucky

This message is mostly associated with seeing a black cat in a dream. Black cats are often associated with dark forces, which means your intuition could be slipping away

If you feel lucky by seeing a black cat, then luck could be on your side. This is common, especially for those who had black cats and always felt lucky to have them.

So, this cat in your dream could bring you a message of luck or unlucky.

2) Wealth and relaxation

There are those people who dream of fluffy cats. This means you are looking for more comfort and ease in your waking life. We can say this is more about your aspirations. 

Maybe you are the type of person putting others’ needs before your own. So, this dream is a message that you should put your priorities first.

This cat is also associated with bringing a parenting connection

3) Good luck awaits you

When cats are playing in your dream, it brings along a message that good luck is coming your way. You could get unexpected money; who knows, you may just win a jackpot.

However, if you are playing with the cat in this dream, this can be a bad sign.

You may experience dishonesty and betrayal. Those you believe are your loved ones could turn against you and bring you down. 

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4) You need to pay attention

When a cat or any other creature speaks in your dream, they are communicating with you. Ideally, the cat has been paying attention to all your waking activities. 

So, in your subconscious, they are trying to get your attention and see what they have discovered. The cat is trying to help you and could be a message from the higher realm.

5) Symbol of purity

White cats in a dream often symbolize purity. This is why you hear people say the color of the cat determines the relevance of the dream in your waking life. 

This type of cat is associated with kindness and empathy. If you follow this cat in your dream, it associates with the events happening in your real life.

Others also portray a white come-in dream as a symbol of upcoming happy times

6) A negative connotations

When you see cats everywhere in your dream, this is a negative sign. It could be you are worried and fear that those close to you are dangerous, and you don’t know how to go about it. 

It can also be you are worried about others. They are not honest in what they are doing, and you just don’t know the outcome of their actions

It could also be you have learned that no one is looking out for you, which is reflected in your subconscious. 

7) A sign of terrible news

If, in your dream, the cat was injured, then this is a message of terrible news. It can be associated with misfortune and difficulty. 

This dream directly associates with you as an individual, so there is no need to stress. This dream is delivering a message that you should get ready for what is coming.

Is It Good To See Cats In Dreams? 

girl cuddling with cat

Yes and No

It is good to see cats in a dream because they represent a specific aspect of your personality. From the messages above, it’s clear there are good things that the cat indicates. 

As mentioned earlier, these creatures have long been associated with bad omen. That is why there are negative meanings associated with it.

So, when you see it in your dreams, it could be its work from the kingdom of darkness to destroy you.

Or, it’s a warning message from God that you should be wary of those you consider your loved ones and close friends.  

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In Conclusion…

If you see a cat in your dream, pay close attention to every detail of this dream.

As much as you are considering every context of it, also consider your experiences and how you interact with cats. 

We hope the biblical interpretations and meanings above help you understand what your dream means.

By understanding its meanings, you will have a deeper understanding of your emotions and what’s happening in your dream. 

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