Pilot Episode #2

In this second pilot episode of Social Media Church podcast, I chat about the growth of twitter chats and 5 stages of how churches use social media (announcements, archiving, authoring, conversing, interacting).

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Pilot Episode #1

First-draft dry-run of the Social Media Church podcast, a behind-the-scenes listen of what I’m thinking and dreaming of for this podcast.

Show Notes

A Church Online Beta: Bruce Reyes-Chow‘s announcement and update, its Facebook group, twitter chat interview (3/19/12), Patheos’ article (3/20/12) A Church Online: An Interview with Bruce Reyes-Chow

Text messaging now the main way teens talk: report
Three-quarters of all teens now texting and 63% of all teens exchange text messages daily, according to a report by Pew Research Center.

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