The Multi-Talented K.C. Procter: Episode 102

Let’s give K.C. Procter a call on this episode of Social Media Church and hear how he does all that he does- a Dad, an Online Campus Pastor (at New Life Church in Renton WA), a podcaster (Dad Life Rules), and co-founder of publishing power-house ChurchMag Press. Listen to how their church started in social media, decided when it was time to launch an online campus, how having a fake parody account of a pastor was useful (instead of a letter for cease & desist), the most popular e-books at ChurchMag, and more! Sorry, we didn’t get to the inside scoop about Starbucks.

Show Notes

Connect with K.C. Procter at + on Twitter @kcprocter + on Facebook

Listen + Subscribe to the Dad Life Rules podcast

New Life Church (Renton, WA) + its Online Campus + its 11 gatherings

ChurchMag Press ~ digital publishing arm of the ChurchMag church tech blog

#ebook Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy by Jonathan Malm

#ebook Social Media Handbook: Church Edition by ChurchMag Press Collaborative

#ebook The Essential Social Media Content Strategy Guide by KC Procter

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  1. Hey DJ! Thank you for having me on the show. Great opportunity to chat and talk about New Life, ChurchMag Press, and balancing the chaos.

    Keep up the good work.

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