Dave Travis of Leadership Network: Episode 101

Dave Travis is the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) of Leadership Network, a ministry organization that fosters innovation movements that activate THE CHURCH to greater impact for the Glory of God’s name. Dave has a unique vantage point of seeing how innovative churches are incorporating technology and social media in their ministry strategies, and that’s what we have a conversation about on this episode of Social Media Church podcast. Dave talks about what digital technologies opens up in terms of opportunities, how pastors and church leaders can adjust to the changing dynamics of social media, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Dave Travis on Twitter @DaveTravis and on Facebook fb.com/davetravis

The Nines thenines.tv– a free online conference for church leaders; this year’s theme is “Culture Clash” about how the church will respond to our fast-changing culture

#article “Trolling For God: 5 Things You Can Learn From Westboro’s Social-Media Playbook: The church crushes it using the tools of Satan” by Helen A.S. Popkin (at ReadWrite.com, August 2014) [ed.note: the episode audio had incorrectly attributed this article to Mashable, it is actually ReadWrite #correction]

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