Natalie Aho of Episode 99

Natalie Aho serves churches and ministries as an interactive communication specialist, working in the areas of communication and social media for ministries like Associated Baptist Press/Herald and Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and Center for Healthy Churches. Natalie connects the Social Media Church for a conversation about how communication has rapidly changed and developed with social media, how she helps churches and pastors to use social media through resources and conferences, and what she thinks of the newly announced Apple products.

Show Notes

Connect with Natalie Aho on Twitter @naaho + Facebook = a resource website for church leaders to learn ways to reach their communities online, developed by Natalie Aho = Paper Churches in a Digital World, a one-day conference for conversations about congregations, social media, & communicating in the age of the internet

#video raw recording of this conversation – Natalie Aho with DJ Chuang

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