Kenny Jahng of Liquid Church: Episode 100

Kenny Jahng, the Pastor of Media and Innovation at Liquid Church (Morristown, NJ), celebrates Episode 100 with Social Media Church podcast! Of course we have to have conversations about social media, how email is the killer app (according to Kenny Jahng), how traditional media and even the postal service are all useful channels of communications in this social media age, how Liquid Church’s Church Online strategy has changed, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Kenny Jahng on Twitter @kennyjahng or @kkcoolj or @godvertiser+ his blog

#article Service Teams that Go Above and Beyond (@ Leadership Network blog) ~ about the Liquid Church Roadies, celebrating and valuing the setup & tear down crew and making that a special experience

Also, listen to Kenny Jahng on the inaugural Episode 1 of Social Media Church

#raw video of the recording session for this episode on YouTube powered by Google+ Hangout on Air

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