Dustin Stout on Google+ : Episode 96

Dustin Stout has a background in storytelling and the performing arts as an actor, now working to help people tell compelling stories online, through blogging, branding & web design, and social media consulting. Keywords: Social. Web. Strategy. Design. Dustin shares an insider look at Google+ on this episode of Social Media Church podcast. Dustin explains why Google+ is the most awesome social network, what’s valuable about it, and how church leaders can use it.

Show Notes

Connect with Dustin Stout on Google+ +DustinStout (the person) and +dustntv (the designer) and his website dustn.tv

Examples of church leaders using Google+ Hangout on Air

#video [raw] recording session of this conversation with Dustin Stout on YouTube, recorded with Google+ Hangout on Air

The Anatomy of a Perfect Google+ Post: How to craft a post that get’s the attention it deserves.

Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions: A quick reference guide to cover photos on the top social networks.

Official Social Media Logos: Visual assets you can use when creating quality social media images.

#course Visual Content Mastery: Learn how to create visual content like a pro! Pre-Order the course before September 24th.


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