Why .CHURCH domain names matter: Episode 91

New domain names ending in .CHURCH are part of the new Internet name space expansion beyond the currently popular .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names. With an estimated 1,000+ new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) being launched this year and next year, the web addresses and URLs will look very different in 10 years or sooner.

Social Media Church podcast host DJ Chuang explains why .CHURCH domain names matter, how they are a huge window of opportunity and innovation for churches in the 21st century, and praying that the good guys prevail. This episode unpacks what you need to know: when, how much, why, and where to register.

Show Notes

Will Your Church Domain Name Be at Risk? (@ leadnet.org/blog) with 5 reasons why your church should consider how to use .CHURCH domain names

When can .CHURCH domain names be registered? (@ .BIBLE blog)

The fastest way to register a new gTLD domain name like .CHURCH (@ .BIBLE blog) – describes the 2 qualifications and overview of the “sunrise period” for trademark holders to have first priority to register .CHURCH domain names

Important Dates

  • July 8 to September 6, 2014 = 60-day “sunrise period” for qualifying trademark holders to register .CHURCH domain names, the first of two windows of opportunities for priority access.
  • September 10-16, 2014 = Early Access Program (EAP) is the other window of opportunity for earlier registration before the free-for-all, with prices starting around $12,000 on day 1, and dropping daily for this week
  • September 17th, 2014 at 9:00am Pacific Time (16:00 UTC) = the public launch for anyone to register .CHURCH domain names, first-come first-serve

Where to register .CHURCH domain names – list of known registrars with sunrise period:

How to get the new gTLD domain names you really want (@ djchuang.com)

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    1. Thanks Brian for that; 1and1.com will be selling .CHURCH domain name registrations during the public launch, but it looks like (currently) they don’t have sunrise period, and there’s no indication (yet) of whether they’ll run the EAP period. I’ve updated my list of registrars to say “with sunrise period”, to clarify.

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