Sean Cannell of YouTube for Churches: Episode 89

Sean Cannell is the campus pastor of The Church OC (a campus of The Church LV in Las Vegas) and author of a new eBook, “YouTube For Churches: How to Make Better Videos, Grow Your Church and Reach More People with YouTube” — Sean talks with Social Media Church before a livestream viewing audience to talk about YouTube, churches, social media, and adeptly fielded a handful of questions too. Listen to Sean’s answer to tough questions like: Why are there so few churches on YouTube? What churches are afraid of on YouTube? How a church can create a viral video?

Show Notes

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Top 6 Churches That Use YouTube Best by Sean Cannell (at

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Wait, there’s more:

And in case you noticed the brief audio drop-out at 37:00, let me reassure you it wasn’t because he said something censored. What Sean said at that point was: “What is the number one most watched type of YouTube Video? Music content!

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