Matt McKee on mobile apps: Episode 90

Matt McKee is CEO of ROAR, a custom mobile app development company, Thought Leader for the reThink Group, and a writer Matt’s also served for other a decade in family ministries, so you know he’s got a great heart for ministry. Matt has a conversation with Social Media Church podcast about mobile apps, mobile lifestyle, church apps, iBeacon, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Matt McKee on Twitter @mattmckee + his blog + his company ROAR

#ebook “Be Social: The Social Media Handbook for Churches” by Matt McKee ~ download it #free or buy on Kindle

SimplyTXT – group texting service

#video the difference between iPhone users vs. Android users – first conversation that DJ Chuang had with Matt McKee in 2011

[UPDATE 7/30/14 – mp3 audio re-uploaded with fix; original audio had a 20-second silent gap – ht: @warrenbird]

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