Van Baird on Listening and Podcasting: Episode 77

Van Baird launched Relational Equity to help cultivate meaningful relationships through social media, though he’d prefer to use the word media instead of social media. He explains why on this episode of Social Media Church; we also talk about how to listen well, show love, and tips for launching a podcast.

Show Notes

Connect with Van Baird on Twitter @vanbaird

Van Baird’s podcast is recorded on internet radio + the show is called Emerging Enterprise + the first episode is posted

March 13th (2014) in Atlanta GA – SocialEcclesia micro-conference is a one-day event where church leaders “will learn best practices, balance, strategy and how to fully utilize modern tools which can be used to advance our mission in Christ” – follow their tweets #SocialEcclesia

#video Another Perspective on #Ashtag Selfies – Matt Kilmurry of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)’s Department of Communications

#article Questions and answers about Ash Wednesday (RNS)

Ashes To Go – taking worship to the streets

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