Clint Schnekloth, author of Mediating Faith: Episode 75

Clint Schnekloth wrote this new book titled, “Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-media Era“, and is lead pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Fayetteville, Arkansas). He joined the Social Media Church podcast for a conversation about the back story of his new book, how social media is used in his church community, and his experience of joining others for worship in the virtual world of Second Life, and, of course, we do talk about the book too.

Show Notes
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Connect with Clint Schnekloth at + on Twitter @Schnekloth + on Facebook his blog

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12 thoughts on “Clint Schnekloth, author of Mediating Faith: Episode 75”

  1. Terrific interview, DJ. I love your interviewing style — smart questions, put clearly with wonderful follow-ups.Thanks for linking to my #ChSocM blog interview with Clint — who probably has the swiftest response turn-around time of anyone on this planet! And of course I’m grateful that you linked to the podcast I was blessed to do with you about The Social Media Gospel!

    Of course I zoomed in on your comment about the sudden appearance of many titles on this topic. We’re definitely at a different point in time relative to church social media. Five years ago? Almost NO interest, let alone traction for the topic.

    There’s still resistance “in the trenches” where I work (with churches and judicatories) but that’s changing, thanks to young-ish clergy like Clint who understand that social media are powerful tools and the mission field is digital as well as analog.

    1. @Meredith, thank you for stopping by and adding a comment loaded with kind words too. Appreciate your listening to this podcast! Keep the great conversations going over at #chsocm ..

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