Dusty Craig of WC Online: Episode 66

This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Dusty Craig, the Lead Pastor of WC Online. WC Online is the online campus for White’s Chapel UMC (Southlake, TX). We talk about how the church decided to launch its online campus, hear about their strategy, what they’ve learned during the past few years, and discuss the timely topic of the UMC moratorium of online sacraments, since they’re 1 of 3 United Methodist churches that run an Online Campus, with the 4th one being Central United Methodist Church (Concord, NC) that’ll launch end of this year. There are certainly other UMC’s with livestream video of their worship services, and if there are other UMC’s with Online Campuses, please do let us know + add a comment here. Oh, I did find one more: Engage Online, an online campus of North Naples United Methodist Church in Florida.

Show Notes

Connect with Dusty Craig on Twitter @dustycraig and his blog dustycraig.com
WC Online wconline.tv + on Facebook facebook.com/whiteschapelonline

White’s Chapel UMC on Facebook facebook.com/whiteschapelumc + on Pinterest pinterest.com/whiteschapelumc

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Book Review: The Churching of America 1776—2005: Winners and Losers in Our Religious Economy by Roger Finke and Rodney Stark (2005)

“Churches grew in the early years of the country due to the aggressive and tireless work of fervent devotees. Examples of this would include the rise of Methodism and the Baptists through itinerant preachers, revival meetings, camp meetings, tent meetings, public prayer meetings and interior missions groups. This was truly an evangelistic effort focused on winning souls for Christ and it had an enormous impact on the landscape of the society.”

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