Social Media inside Calvary Chapel: Episode 62

Josh Turansky is Director of Online Strategies for and an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (California). Josh spoke at the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor’s Conference 2012 and shared some keen insights about Calvary Chapel as a movement and tribe along with how to pastorally engage on social media. He addresses the most common concerns and makes the case for engaging the culture through new technology. Special thanks to Josh Turansky for permission to excerpt the audio of his presentation.

To skip the introductory statistics and go right to the meat of Josh’s presentation, fast forward to 25:40.

This Social Media Church podcast episode is perfect for pastors you know that need encouragement and motivation to get on and/or stay actively engaged on social media. Start with the why, it’s the first step, and this episode is it. So share this podcast generously and freely. Freely share as you have freely received.

Show Notes

Connect with Josh Turansky via Twitter @JoshTuransky and his website

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#article Chuck Smith, 86, Dies After Cancer Battle: Renowned California pastor founded Calvary Chapel movement. (Christianity Today)

#article Chuck Smith Has Died: Some Thoughts on the Amazing Life of Chuck and the Improbable Story of Calvary Chapel in Memoriam by Ed Stetzer