Mark MacDonald: Episode 60

Mark MacDonald is Creative Brand Strategist at and soon-to-be Communications Director at Community of Faith near Houston, Texas. Mark explains on Social Media Church why church communications is so important and essential, what makes it challenging, the back story behind the world’s biggest Easter Egg Hunt, how to take the sting out of loaded words like “entertainment” and “marketing,” and how social media is so broad too. Also an overview of how the Certification Lab they’re launching next month will help churches become well-equipped for communicating effectively. The topic of church communication is so large, and we only touched on a bit of social media, but we did get into the essence of communication, that is, identifying the essence and unique distinction of your church community. And then church communications is using your creativity, how to communicate so it gets remembered, and the role of leadership.

Show Notes

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Certification Lab is 2-day intensive on church communications, hosted by the Center for Church Communications, better known for its Church Marketing Sucks blog. October 14-15, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. Listen to this episode for a special code to get $50 off!

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