Social Media in a Small Town Church with Bryan Baker: Episode 49

The featured guest on this episode of Social Media Church is Bryan Baker, Pastor of Big Timber Evangelical Church in Montana. He’s a pastor of a normal-sized church in a small town somewhere in Big Sky country, and we chat about how he introduced his church to social media – including website, Facebook page, and Facebook Ads.

Show Notes

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#article How Small Churches Can Use Facebook for Ministry?

2 thoughts on “Social Media in a Small Town Church with Bryan Baker: Episode 49”

  1. I am a lay leader of our internet and social medial ministry. We also have about 200 worship on Sundays. It was nice to hear from another small church with the same limited resource issues. We started actively managing Facebook about 6 months ago, just started with Twitter. Our new website, complete with pastor and ministry team blogs will go live in July. I can’t give you the URL because it is being changed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. @Virginia, thanks for adding a comment, great to hear about your church’s social media ministry. Do add a comment again when your website launched, would like to have a link to it and cheering you on from here!

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