Social Media, Church, and Going Viral: Episode 50

Social Media Church podcast celebrates its 50th episode with a special guest, Jia Jiang, in Austin, Texas. Jia has a viral video with over 5 million views and is an active lay church leader. This episode is a lively conversation reviewing the first year of Social Media Church podcasting, a recent article listing the top 5 social media churches, and things befitting of a milestone. Would love your feedback for the next 50! Add a comment below.

Show Notes

Connect with Jia Jiang on Twitter @JiaJiang + his blog

#video Rejection Therapy Day 3 – Ask for Olympic Symbol Doughnuts. Jackie at Krispy Kreme Delivers!

#backstory about Jia’s 100 Days of Rejection Therapy

Jia Jiang’s TEDx talks: Surprising Insights from 100 Days of Rejection (TEDxAustin), Rejection or regret? Your choice (TEDxYouth@Austin), What is inspiration? (TEDxDuke)

#article Top 5 Churches That Use Social Media Best: CP’s List of Places of Worship That Have a Successful Digital Strategy (The Christian Post 6/07/13)

Top 5 list of social media churches, in alphabetical order:

[++ denotes multiple locations, aka a multisite church]

#article Church leaders need viral social media #chsocm

#oldviralvideos funny jesus videos 1-4 via

6 thoughts on “Social Media, Church, and Going Viral: Episode 50”

  1. I found this amazing and inspirational. I don’t very often forward things around to the people I work with because I hate cluttering inboxes, but this one, just had to be shared. Not only did I share this post, I share a link to Jia’s blog and the video that went viral too. It now has over 5 million views. Amazing.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Greetings and hello! So glad to find your site and your podcast! Thanks for all your sharing and the work you are doing here. Love the amazing story and journey Mr Jiang shrares here! And I am especially happy to see how social media has added to how many people he has been able to touch with this powerful concept!!
    As a BIG cheerleader for using social media to reach out into the community I enjoy helping folks to see the wonderful way we can use it to share the work being done within a church. Looking forward to more of your work Wishing you all the best !!

    Jan P
    @klear_vue (twitter)

    1. Hello Jan! Thanks for listening and happy you found this podcast, please spread the word & be a great cheerleader!

  3. Getting caught up on your podcast this afternoon and loved what Jia shared. I was in the process of starting a podcast that was a conversation based podcast dealing with The intersection and blending of faith and culture, called “In The Game Podcast.” Let’s just say those plans fell through because of lack of time since I was coordinating with two co-hosts on times to record.

    I still want to do a podcast, with a conversational style, like yours and I love the thought that Jia shared on people in the church discussing why they do what they do and sharing their stories. That is a compelling idea. Hmm.

    Love the podcast as always!
    I’ll let you know when this thing gets going. 🙂

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