Paul Steinbrueck of Christian Web Trends: Episode 43

Social Media Church hosted its first live recording with Paul Steinbrueck, Founder of – a Christian web company – an elder at Cypress Meadow Community Church, and blogger at Christian Web Trends among many other things too. This special episode of Social Media Church was recorded live on Google+ Hangout on Air before a live online audience. The topic revolved around how can pastors use social media more effectively with limited time. And we also made time for interactive Q&A with the audience.

By the way, do you know any church with a full-time Social Media Director on staff?

Show Notes

Connect with Paul Steinbrueck on Twitter @PaulSteinbrueck, and in addition to blogging at Christian Web Trends, he also has a personal blog at

Knott Avenue Christian Church

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#video watch the raw video of this conversation with Paul Steinbrueck and DJ Chuang

4 thoughts on “Paul Steinbrueck of Christian Web Trends: Episode 43”

  1. I lead a smal Social Media Unit at The Elevation Church, Lagos. Interesting to learn about trends in developed nations. Helps us to prepare way in advance of those tends taking hold here. Thanks for this

    1. Hello Subomi! Thanks for your comments and it looks like you’ve got a very good web & social media presence there in Nigeria at The Elevation Church! I would say your church is a leading example outside of the US of how to use social media effectively. And keep listening & subscribe to the Social Media Church podcast here, I do my best to share the latest stories, news, and trends related to social media and church on this podcast.

  2. No surprise that is is such a great conversation. Paul is a longtime and much-loved participant in the weekly #chsocm chat on Twitter on Tuesday evenings. I always know that he will contribute something great, provide some laughs, and appreciate irony whenever it appears. With the podcast I was able to add another delight to my least of Paul-deliver treats: hearing his voice! Thanks, DJ, for making this possible.

  3. @Meredith – thanks for adding a comment and listening to this episode! There’s something special when you can put a voice (and a face on the raw video of the Google+ Hangout on Air too) to someone’s words. Happy to add to your delight!

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