Christian Warne of the Spoutcast: Episode 35

This Social Media Church episodes features a conversation with Christian Warne, founder and co-host of The Spoutcast, a weekly podcast show hosted by Christian Warne, Sarah Welles and Jayne Fossett at The Well Community Church in Fresno, California. You may have noticed that a large overwhelming majority of church podcasts are just an on-demand feed of sermons. Podcasting has the potential to be so much more for churches and The Spoutcast is a great example of how a church of any size can be podcasting to grow its community. Listen to how they started their podcast, what it takes to do one, and Christian’s advice for how your church can start one too.spoutcast-cast

Show Notes

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#photo to the right illustrates the kind of teamwork that it takes for producing The Spoutcast

#list List of Christian podcasts that aren’t sermons (@

#news One of Fresno’s biggest churches is covered in graffiti (KFSN-TV, July 2012)

Start podcasting your sermons for free at or grow into it with a “freemium” service like or (cf. episode 32 comments)