Todd Rhoades: Episode 32

Listen to this Social Media Church podcast conversation with Todd Rhoades about how he curates interesting content about the church, his perspective on the evolution of social media, how email is still relevant, online conferences at Leadership Network, why social media is underutilized in local churches, and more. Todd is the Director of New Media and Technology Initiatives at Leadership Network. Todd’s blog has been described as “one half Bible and one half National Enquirer.”

Show Notes

Connect with Todd Rhoades at and @ToddRhoades on Twitter

List of most popular Facebook pages of churches and ministries

#video MinistryBriefing: Facebook Makes You Hate Life with Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen

#article Study finds rampant envy on Facebook: Social network can lead to feelings of misery and loneliness, German researchers say (Chicago Tribune)

#article Why Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself (TIME Health & Family)

3 thoughts on “Todd Rhoades: Episode 32”

  1. Our church is wanting to podcast our sermons but we have never tried this. We have a small budget; with this in mind; what is the easiest way to start doing this? We are currently meeting in a local YMCA and have a computer we use for different areas of worship.

    Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and have a blessed day

    Wesley Coe

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