Episode 17: Chris Surratt of Cross Point Church

What’s it like to be at a church where social media usage is actively encouraged and most welcomed? Social Media Church talks with Chris Surratt of Cross Point Church (Nashville TN), one of the most social media active churches around, where multiple faces and voices can be seen and heard online almost every day. Hear the back story of what prompted Cross Point Church to start its Internet Campus, how they mobilized 800 people for flood relief through Twitter alone, and how social media shapes how they do everything at CrossPoint.tv.

Show Notes::

Connect with Chris Surratt on Twitter @ChrisSurratt and Facebook facebook.com/chrissurratt
Pete Wilson – withoutwax.tv @pwilson
Carlos Whittaker – ragamuffinsoul.com, @loswhit, “Single Ladies Devastation” viral video with 6,000,000+ views
Jenni Catron – jennicatron.tv, @jennicatron
Stephen Brewster – stephenbrewster.me @b_rewster
Brent Hodge – brentinworship.com @inworship