Episode 14: Alan George of LifeChurch.tv

On this episode of Social Media Church, we hear from Alan George, the Church Online Pastor at LifeChurch.tv, sharing the back story of how someone not technically-inclined became an Internet Campus Pastor, the big surprise of pastoring online, how to coordinate and mobilize a large team of volunteers, the missional use of technology, and what LifeChurch.tv might be dreaming up next.

Show Notes

Connect with Alan George on Twitter @alanvgeorge and Facebook facebook.com/alanvgeorge

Episode 10 of Social Media Church – Brandon Donaldson tells all about how LifeChurch.tv launched its Internet Campus

Church Online – LifeChurch.tv worship experiences online

Church Online Platform – a free tool to help you launch an online ministry

ChurchMetrics.com – track your church data

#news: Bible.com joins the YouVersion family and LifeChurch.tv’s newly formed Digerati Church to Church Team

more LifeChurch.tv resources for your church – and yes it’s all free