Episode 4: Social Media Church with Marc Payan

Social Media Church’s DJ Chuang talks with Marc Payan, a lay pastor with Christian Tabernacle in Santa Ana, California. Marc shares practical ways that their pastoral team keeps a pulse on what’s happening in the lives of its church members via Facebook, how they’re using Soundcloud to spread the Word, developing livestream video of worship services, incorporating leadership development, and more

2 thoughts on “Episode 4: Social Media Church with Marc Payan”

  1. DJ, could you unpack how Marc is creating “listening” lists in Facebook from their ads? You mentioned he’s using “subscribe lists.”

    To paraphrase what Marc said, I thought it was very true when he characterized how people assume that everyone knows what we’ve put out into the interweb:

    [THEN] You didn’t get my email? No, you should have called me.
    [NOW] You didn’t see my Facebook post/tweet? No, you should have emailed me.

    1. I use lists to group people and follow the aggregated conversations of the list. As new individuals are added I place them in preassigned lists or create a specific list for them. At any time I can just click on the list as have a quick glance at the aggregated conversation. I have found it to be an excellent listening tool.

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