Oct 212013
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DJ Chuang, host of the Social Media Church podcast, checks-in with listeners after catching the tail-end of the iMinistry 2013 conference, held at Lake Pointe Church near Dallas, Texas. I introduce the idea of innovating without a budget and describe how this podcast is an example of running a project with $0 operating costs. Reimagine what you and/or your church could accomplish if money didn’t matter.

Show Notes

This is a roster of people who were at iMinistry 2013 and were featured on past episodes of Social Media Church (I hope I didn’t miss anyone):

Cognitive Surplus: The Great Spare-Time Revolution (Wired, June 2010)

#video Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world - Clay Shirky looks at “cognitive surplus” — the shared, online work we do with our spare brain cycles. While we’re busy editing Wikipedia, posting to Ushahidi (and yes, making LOLcats), we’re building a better, more cooperative world.

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Sep 132013
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Shamichael Hallman of New Direction Christian Church (Memphis, Tennessee) talks about his role as a Pastor of Innovation there, and how they’re leveraging social media, online, and mobile app. And listen for the most valuable piece in the conversation where he explains what they did that really helped their online giving skyrocketed. Money has a way of getting all our attention, doesn’t it?

Show Notes for this podcast episode of Social Media Church

Connect with Shamichael Hallman on Twitter @shamike2009 and Facebook facebook.com/shamichael.hallman

#video Man credits virtual church for miraculous recovery (WMC-TV News)

New Direction Christian Church on Twitter @NDCCMemphis and its Virtual Church is at n2newdirection.tv

#list Churches with Pastors of Innovation curated by DJ Chuang

#raw video of my Google+ Hangout on Air conversation with Shamichael Hallman

iMinistry 2013 – internet ministry conference in Dallas Texas on October 15-17, 2013 [listen to episode 47 with Nate Merrill for special discount code]

Code for the Kingdom hackathon – next one is Austin, Texas, October 25-27, 2013

#bridgebuildingchat twitter chat

#video How do you have a conversation across culture and race?

Connect with Tim Samuel on Twitter @TimSamuelCFO

Dec 042012
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This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Jan Touchberry, the Internet Campus Pastor (and Programming Director) of Christ Fellowship (McKinney, Texas). And she’s the first attendee at iMinistry 2012 to share an eyewitness account of her experience here on Social Media Church.

Question to you: anyone have experience with the Amazon cloud for streaming video? Please add your comment.

Show Notes

Connect with Jan Touchberry on Facebook facebook.com/jantouchberry and Twitter @jantouchberry

Christ Fellowship Online runs on the Media Social platform, currently with streaming provider NetBroadcasting.tv

Facebook page of Christ Fellowship Online

#article: More congregations turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach (by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY 4/17/2012) describes how Christ Fellowship Church uses an online Bible study guide, QR codes, Facebook, video streaming and podcasts to provide spiritual services to their church members.

Jun 192012
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In this episode of Social Media Church, DJ Chuang talks with Justin Lathrop about how a church could use Twitter to connects locally (taking a cue from a twitter-active mayor), how he uses social media as a connector and strategist, and a lesson from his social media faux pas.

Justin blogs at JustinLathrop.com + @justinlathrop on Twitter + facebook.com/justin.lathrop on Facebook. Justin Lathrop is Director of Strategic Relations at General Council of the Assemblies of God and previously the Director of Strategic Development at The Oaks Fellowship.

Show Notes


Jun 052012
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Welcome to the first episode of the Social Media Church! This weekly podcast aims to be a place for conversations with church leaders about social media. On this podcast, you’ll hear from church leaders from around the country (United States of America) and around the world, and as you listen to their thinking behind why and how they’re incorporating social media into the life of their church, it’s our hope that you’ll also hear their heartbeat. You’ll hear from church leaders on the front lines of ministry, those who are pushing the envelope and dreaming up new possibilities, as well as church leaders in contexts that are just beginning to go from print to digital.

Our first guest is Kenny JahngPastor of Media & Innovation at Liquid Church, a multi-site church in New Jersey. We discuss how Liquid Church is using social media to extend its ministry online and offline, incorporating both social media and traditional media, explaining the importance of innovation in the church, and more.

You’ll see 2 photos below, because there are 2 voices on the podcast. That’s me, DJ Chuang, on the left, and I’ll usually be the podcast host; and Kenny is pictured on the right.


Show Notes

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