Jan 202014
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DJ Chuang pontificates on where to get content for feeding social media, Christian podcasts produced for podcast listeners, and what every church website needs to make plain and simple. More importantly, he wants to hear from you! Call 949-354-3216 and leave a message with your feedback or email me@socialmediachurch.net with your burning question.

Show Notes

#blog post by Josh Burns - Your Church’s Problem in Social Media

Josh Burns was featured on Episode 21 of Social Media Church; Josh is Director of Web & Social Media at Park Community Church (Chicago, IL)

browse the Christian Podcast Directory at SocialMediaChurch.net

#post Mapping out a DC Christmas Tour 2013

Jan 142014
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Pete Mitchell and Peyton Jones together publish the Church Planter Magazine and host the Church Planter podcast – both are great resources by church planters for church planters. How they do all that they do I don’t know, but they made time to talk for this episode of Social Media Church podcast, and how social media and texting work for church plants and connecting with the next generation.

Show Notes

Read + Subscribe to Church Planter Magazine, a free digital publication, and the Church Planter podcast

Connect with Pete Mitchell on Twitter Bustoutbigguns (Pete Mitchell is the Chief Marketing Mercenary at Big Guns Marketing) and publisher of the Church Planter Magazine and the Church Planter podcast

Connect with Peyton Jones on Twitter @PeytonJonesPunk (Peyton Jones is team leader of Refuge Long Beach and founding coach of New Breed Church Planting UK/USA. He also authored the book Church Zero: Raising 1st Century Churches out of the Ashes of the 21st Century Church.)

#church Refuge Long Beach on web refugelongbeach.com, on Twitter @RefugeLongBeach, on Facebook facebook.com/RefugeLongBeach

#video raw recording of this video conversation – this extended recording also includes Peyton’s answer to the question “So who is Jesus Christ? Is He the son of God or is he God in the flesh?” and the recording for Church Planter Podcast episode #34: the one about social media with DJ Chuang

#article Why church planters must use social media by DJ Chuang

Jul 132013
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Started off this episode of Social Media Church with a conversation that sparked my preliminary thinking about 4 levels of social media engagement, for which I’d love your feedback. And the featured guest conversation is with Jan Lynn, Communication Director at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, California (previously in Fullerton) and a long-time blogger–she started back in 2005. We talk about the old days of blogging, the changes that social media has brought, developing an organizational voice for a church, creative use of images and videos, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Jan Lynn on Twitter @jan_lynn and her blog theviewfromher.com

#video of the @Eastside_CC 50 years of history in a Facebook timeline look vimeo.com/41876041

Connect with Van Baird on Twitter @VanBaird and Relational Equity

#podcast Church Tech Weekly with Mike Sessler @MikeSessler and Van Metschke @TheSoundBooth


May 282013
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Social Media Church features this conversation with Judith Gotwald about the story behind this article about her church, “How Social Media Saved Our Church” (posted 4/18/13 @ SocialMediaToday.com). Within 2 years of getting online to actively use social media, their church has seen worldwide impact far beyond the previous ministry efforts in a physical church building.

Show Notes

Connect with Judith Gotwald on Twitter @jigotwald + her church 2×2 The Church Without a Building + at her website gotwaldcreation.com

#article The Social Media Revolution (or Reformation?) (5/6/2013)

#article Overcoming the fear of Social Media (2/09/2013)

The Social Media Ministry page at 2x2virtualchurch.com has practical tips like 9 Reasons to Start A Social Media Ministry Committee, Social Media Can Help Your Church Make a Good First Impression, Forming a Social Media Ministry Committee, Finding Content for Your Church Blog, Getting Pastors Onboard with Social Media, Budgeting for Social Media Ministry, and more.

#alternative #article Technology won’t resurrect dead churches (The Baptist Standard, 5/02/2013)

Mar 052013
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This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Dr. Tim Hutchings, currently a research fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Open University and editor of the Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture. Tim discusses learnings and insights from rigorous academic research about online churches, what kind of people worship online, explores whether online relationships are real or not, and much much more.

Show Notes

Connect with Dr. Tim Hutchings on Twitter @tim_hutchings

Participate in Tim’s current project, CyberBibles: New Media and Sacred Text. If you’ve tried using digital media to help you read the Bible, please fill out this survey – and encourage your friends to do the same. This survey is part of a new research project that aims to find out how digital media are changing Christian attitudes to Scripture. If you have ever read the Bible on a computer screen, listened to it on your MP3 player, joined an online reading group or downloaded a Bible app to your mobile phone, fill out the survey. Learn more about this research project.

Tim contributes to the Big Bible Project blog, i.e. Cyberchurch Theology (part one of, um, more than one)Cyberchurch Theology, Part Two: The Problem With CommunityHow Not to do Online Evangelism

Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture - a free online publication

Considering religious community through online churches” published in Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds by Heidi Campbell (Routledge, 2012) – features a case study of St. Pixels (Church on the Internet) and LifeChurch.tv

Creating Church Online: Ritual, Community, and New Media by Tim Hutchings – to be published May 2013 by Routledge, based on his Ph.D. research, an ethnographic study of five Christian communities that met online, using new media to create forms of worship, teaching, evangelism and debate. The study focused on ritual, authority, community and the relationship between online and offline activity.

Creating Church Online: Networks and Collectives in Contemporary Christianity” (by Tim Hutchings) is published in “Digital Religion, Social Media and Culture: Perspectives, Practices and Futures”, ed. Pauline Hope Cheong, Peter Fischer-Nielsen, Stefan Gelfgren and Charles Ess (Peter Lang, 2012)

#excerpt Creating church online: A case-study approach to religious experience, in Studies in World Christianity 13(3) (2008)

Scholar’s Top 5: Tim Hutchings’ 5 recommended resources on the topic of online Christian churches

Feb 192013
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This Social Media Church episodes features a conversation with Christian Warne, founder and co-host of The Spoutcast, a weekly podcast show hosted by Christian Warne, Sarah Welles and Jayne Fossett at The Well Community Church in Fresno, California. You may have noticed that a large overwhelming majority of church podcasts are just an on-demand feed of sermons. Podcasting has the potential to be so much more for churches and The Spoutcast is a great example of how a church of any size can be podcasting to grow its community. Listen to how they started their podcast, what it takes to do one, and Christian’s advice for how your church can start one too.spoutcast-cast

Show Notes

Connect with The Spoutcast on Facebook, on Twitter @thespoutcast, and Instagram @ instagram.com/thespoutcast

Connect with Christian Warne at facebook.com/christian.warne

#photo to the right illustrates the kind of teamwork that it takes for producing The Spoutcast

#list List of Christian podcasts that aren’t sermons (@ djchuang.com)

#news One of Fresno’s biggest churches is covered in graffiti (KFSN-TV, July 2012)

Start podcasting your sermons for free at sermon.net or grow into it with a “freemium” service like sermoncloud.com or sermondrop.com (cf. episode 32 comments)

Feb 122013
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On this episode of the Social Media Church, DJ Chuang chats with 2 friends he’s known for years, Brent Wong and Dave Ingland, having connected with them offline (aka IRL – “in real life”) and online. Brent shares how he recently got inspired to get active on social media, and Dave describes his unique perspective in using social media as a church planter and now as a law-abiding citizen.

Show Notes

brentwongConnect with Brent Wong on Twitter @EpicBdub and Facebook page for Brent + Leila Wong and YouTube youtube.com/BrentWong77

#video a 5th generation Asian American story

Connect with Dave Ingland at daveingland.com and on Twitter @daveingland

bigbooksm#book The Big Book of Social Media: Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives, edited by Robert Fine, includes “Religion and Social Media” by Dave Ingland

#audio MinistryStory #18 – Cultivate Communications - a conversation with Steve Fogg, Scott Overpeck, Dave Ingland, and DJ Chuang at a Starbucks during Cultivate 2011

Jan 082013
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Dana Byers is our first special guest in 2013 on the Social Media Church podcast, and she shares about her top learnings from years of experience in doing online ministry globally with Blue Door Ministries, as well as her ministry as Online Community Pastor at LifeChurch.tv.

Show Notes

Connect with Dana Byers on Twitter @danalbyers and her blog danabyers.com

Dana Byers authored The Art of Online Ministry (a Kindle eBook)

#blog: How Urbana 12 Changed my Life too (djchuang.com)

Previous episodes of Social Media Church with LifeChurch.tv: Episode 14 with Alan George, Episode 10 with Brandon Donaldson

#video: 3 Online Ministry Indicators Dana’s observations from successful online ministries

#podcast: Dana Byers shared key insights to minimalism on the Beyond the To Do List podcast

#video: watch the raw video of this conversation with Dana Byers and DJ Chuang

Oct 162012
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Jay Kranda

This episode of Social Media Church podcast features a conversation with Jay Kranda, the Internet Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church, yes, the one pastored by none other than Pastor Rick Warren. You’ll hear about how Saddleback’s Internet Campus is developing to be more purpose-driven, how they’re doing online small groups, Saddleback’s value for community. Plus, a couple of questions were posed to the host of Social Media Church, DJ Chuang, about how he keeps up with tech trends and what he fears about online church.

Show Notes::

Connect with Jay Kranda on his blog hyperthinking247.com, Twitter @jaykranda and Facebook facebook.com/Jaykranda

Infographic on Global Reach of Saddleback’s Internet Campus