Feb 182014
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Clint Schnekloth wrote this new book titled, “Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-media Era“, and is lead pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Fayetteville, Arkansas). He joined the Social Media Church podcast for a conversation about the back story of his new book, how social media is used in his church community, and his experience of joining others for worship in the virtual world of Second Life, and, of course, we do talk about the book too.

Show Notes
mediating faith
Connect with Clint Schnekloth at http://ClintSchnekloth.com + on Twitter @Schnekloth + on Facebook fb.com/Schnekloth+ his blog http://lutheranconfessions.blogspot.com

#post 11 Reasons I’m Proud to Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

#transcript Interview — Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-media Era by Clint Schnekloth on the #chsocm blog by Meredith Gould

#podcast Meredith Gould of #ChSocM : Episode 30 @ Social Media Church

#video Interview with Clint by Abigail Letsinger

#interview Fortress Press Author Q&A for Mediating Faith

#meme #bookselfies #mediatingfaith – photos of people with the Mediating Faith book

Feb 102014
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Social Media Church has a lively conversation with Justin Wise, author of a brand new book, The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication, just released 1 week ago and the print edition was already sold out on day 1 and it is still temporarily out of stock. But good thing the Kindle edition never runs out and you can buy it instantly! Get the back story of how the authoring and publishing experience went for Justin, how they decided to focus the book’s big idea on the “why to” rather than the “how to”, how Justin is training and coaching churches and entrepreneurs to be more effective with social media, and listen for the special offer for Social Media Church listeners. By the way, Justin Wise is currently a professional social media strategist, based in Des Moines, Iowa, a city that he’s very proud of.

Show Notes

Connect with Justin Wise at justinwise.net and on Twitter @JustinWise

#podcast Justin Wise: Episode 33 of Social Media Church (prequel to authoring the book)

socialchurch-ebook-ipadgoodies from Justin Wise:

#video [raw recording session] Google+ Hangout on Air with Justin Wise for this very episode

#video #SocialChurchBook Hangout - book launch day Google+ Hangout with Justin Wise and Clark Campbell

#post Vision is Viral: Talking Social Media & Church with Justin Wise (churchmarketingsucks.com)

#review of The Social Church - Kevin Hendricks (churchmarketingsucks.com)

#post Social Media: Another Greeter for Your Church by Jane Halton

#mentioned Scott Stratten @unmarketing of unmarketing.com

Feb 042014
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On this special episode of the Social Media Church podcast, listen to keen insights from Brandon Cox — church planter, social media enthusiast, and author of a new book, REWIRED: How Using Today’s Technology Can Bring You Back to Deeper Relationships, Real Conversations, and Powerful Ways to Share God’s Love. Recorded before a live online audience via Google+ Hangout on Air.

Show Notes

Brandon Cox is Pastor of Grace Hills Church in northwest Arkansas
Connect with Brandon Cox on Twitter @brandonacox + on Facebook facebook.com/pastorbrandoncox + brandonacox.com

#book Rewired: How Using Today’s Technology Can Bring You Back to Deeper Relationships, Real Conversations, and Powerful Ways to Share God’s Love by Brandon Cox

Rewired book website is rewiredbook.com + on Facebook facebook.com/rewiredbook + on Twitter @RewiredBook

#list The Ultimate List of Social Media Policies for Churches & Ministries #resource

#book The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication by Justin Wise #mentioned

Social media management dashboards #mentioned: Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck

#video [raw] Social Media Church Live with Brandon Cox

Feb 012014
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Join us for a live edition of the Social Media Church podcast with Brandon Cox- church planter and social media enthusiast, and he’ll be on this livestreamed event to talk about social media in a megachurch and in a church plant, on his new book launch day for REWIRED - Tuesday 2/4 at 3:30pm CT! https://plus.google.com/events/ck28ddbgpdhon945g0qt1p8el1o
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Jan 272014
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Mei Ling Starkey is the Media Relations/Social Media Director at The Rock Church in San Diego, California, founded & led by Pastor Miles McPherson. She connected with us on the Social Media Church podcast while en route between one thing and another; we talk about Rock Church’s approach to communicating through social media, how to integrate volunteers into the flow of their church’s social media, engaging people on their online campus, a newly-launched video devotional app, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Mei Ling Starkey on Twitter @mlstarkey

The Rock Church is on Twitter @therocksandiego, Facebook fb.com/therocksandiego, Instagram instagram.com/therocksandiego, YouTube youtube.com/therocksandiego

Rock Live – Watch The Rock Church services live online

Miles A Minute – The 60 Second Daily Video Devotional app – Every day for a year with Miles McPherson

#new Real-time dashboard of the most popular church Facebook pages

Brian Alexander on @brianfalexander + on Instagram http://instagram.com/brianalexand3r + he’s at Forest Hill Church (Charlotte NC)

Jan 202014
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DJ Chuang pontificates on where to get content for feeding social media, Christian podcasts produced for podcast listeners, and what every church website needs to make plain and simple. More importantly, he wants to hear from you! Call 949-354-3216 and leave a message with your feedback or email me@socialmediachurch.net with your burning question.

Show Notes

#blog post by Josh Burns - Your Church’s Problem in Social Media

Josh Burns was featured on Episode 21 of Social Media Church; Josh is Director of Web & Social Media at Park Community Church (Chicago, IL)

browse the Christian Podcast Directory at SocialMediaChurch.net

#post Mapping out a DC Christmas Tour 2013

Jan 142014
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Pete Mitchell and Peyton Jones together publish the Church Planter Magazine and host the Church Planter podcast – both are great resources by church planters for church planters. How they do all that they do I don’t know, but they made time to talk for this episode of Social Media Church podcast, and how social media and texting work for church plants and connecting with the next generation.

Show Notes

Read + Subscribe to Church Planter Magazine, a free digital publication, and the Church Planter podcast

Connect with Pete Mitchell on Twitter Bustoutbigguns (Pete Mitchell is the Chief Marketing Mercenary at Big Guns Marketing) and publisher of the Church Planter Magazine and the Church Planter podcast

Connect with Peyton Jones on Twitter @PeytonJonesPunk (Peyton Jones is team leader of Refuge Long Beach and founding coach of New Breed Church Planting UK/USA. He also authored the book Church Zero: Raising 1st Century Churches out of the Ashes of the 21st Century Church.)

#church Refuge Long Beach on web refugelongbeach.com, on Twitter @RefugeLongBeach, on Facebook facebook.com/RefugeLongBeach

#video raw recording of this video conversation – this extended recording also includes Peyton’s answer to the question “So who is Jesus Christ? Is He the son of God or is he God in the flesh?” and the recording for Church Planter Podcast episode #34: the one about social media with DJ Chuang

#article Why church planters must use social media by DJ Chuang

Jan 022014
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Jason Curlee is a campus pastor at Bay Area Fellowship (Corpus Christi, TX) at their Kingsville Campus and also launching out as a social media coach to train church leaders & small businesses to use social media more effectively. On this episode of Social Media Church, hear how their church is using social media, how he reached over 1 million impressions in a week, and listen for an exclusive $20 discount for one of his online courses, just for Social Media Church listeners. According to Jason’s bio, “With over 7,000 followers on his twitter, to over 100,000 views on his youtube account, to 2,500 friends on his personal facebook, he’s learned how to utilize various social media platforms to help others achieve the life they dream.” 

Show Notes

Connect with Jason Curlee on Twitter @jasoncurlee + his blog jasoncurlee.me

Take a look at his campus’ Facebook page facebook.com/bafkingsville and his church’s Facebook page facebook.com/bafchurch to see how they post engaging content 

#article Can The Church and Social Media Exist Together by Jason Curlee

Jason Curlee’s Facebook Boot Camp (14-day online course + coaching) and Social Media Boot Camp To Startup Your Business (28-day online course + coaching)

#video raw recording of DJ Chuang’s conversation with Jason Curlee, via Google+ Hangout on Air

Dec 252013
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‘Twas the night before Christmas and I had some extra time during holiday vacation to launch a Christian Podcast Directory. Yes, consider it my Christmas gift for you listeners of the Social Media Church podcast.

I squeezed in recording this shorter episode while in transit during holiday travels, so it’s kinda like a soundseeing tour, except where I was going had nothing to do with the topic of this episode.

Thanks for sharing a few holiday minutes with me, and I hope to be having more good conversations here in the new year! Call our listener voicemail # 949-354-3216 and leave a message to join the conversation!

Show Notes

Church Podcast Directory – just launched for Christmas 2013 #MerryChristmas- intentionally only listing podcasts that are produced specifically for a podcast listening audience, not for sermons or syndication of radio or TV shows (because podcasting is better for on-going conversations than one-way broadcasting)

#article Can The Church and Social Media Exist Together by Jason Curlee

Connect with Jason Curlee on Twitter @jasoncurlee + his blog jasoncurlee.me

Intro + Outro music courtesy of Gene Gajewski via Soundcloud: O Tannenbaum, Christmas Is Coming