Corrin Bauer of Mars Hill Church: Episode 55

This Social Media Church episode features a conversation with Corrin Bauer, Online Communications Manager (aka Social Media Manager) at Mars Hill Church (Seattle, Washington), a multi-site church (currently) with 14 campuses in 4 states, with 2 more campuses and 1 more state coming soon. She manages the social media for @marshill @theresurgence & @pastormark as well as the church. Mars Hill is the only church I know of that uploads sermon previews on YouTube, sorta like movie trailers, not just sermon series promo videos.

Show Notes

Connect with Corrin Bauer on Twitter @corrinbauer + on Facebook

#article Top 5 Churches That Use Social Media Best: CP’s List of Places of Worship That Have a Successful Digital Strategy (The Christian Post 6/07/13)

Mars Hill Church on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Tumblr, on Google+

#crowdsourcedsermons Mars Hill Church’s sermon series: Religion Saves based on Ask Anything (final stats: 893 questions asked  |  5,524 comments made  |  343,203 votes cast)

#socialnetwork The City – “a group-oriented social network that helps everyone in your church stay engaged in daily life and ministry” + read about the vision behind The City

(ambient Seattle sounds courtesy of Lenguaverd @ freesound)

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  1. Great program!! Good to know that even a large church like Mars Hill is still working to find the best way to integrate Socail Media into their ministry. Thanks DJ for another inspiring program looking forward to learning more here!!

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