4 Levels of Social Media Engagement: Episode 53

Started off this episode of Social Media Church with a conversation that sparked my preliminary thinking about 4 levels of social media engagement, for which I’d love your feedback. And the featured guest conversation is with Jan Lynn, Communication Director at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, California (previously in Fullerton) and a long-time blogger–she started back in 2005. We talk about the old days of blogging, the changes that social media has brought, developing an organizational voice for a church, creative use of images and videos, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Jan Lynn on Twitter @jan_lynn and her blog theviewfromher.com

#video of the @Eastside_CC 50 years of history in a Facebook timeline look vimeo.com/41876041

Connect with Van Baird on Twitter @VanBaird and Relational Equity

#podcast Church Tech Weekly with Mike Sessler @MikeSessler and Van Metschke @TheSoundBooth


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