Dec 262012
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Scott Asai

Scott Asai is the author of “The Startup Church: Reaching Millennials Where Faith Meets Business” and stops by Social Media Church podcast for a conversation about self-publishing via print-on-demand, and what he envisions for a new kind of church that could better reach Millennials. Of course, Scott describes how that does involve social media. Scott Asai is a former Youth Pastor turned entrepreneur to blend faith and business that develops Millennial leaders.

Connect with Scott Asai on Twitter @startupchurch and on Facebook

#book: The Startup Church: Reaching Millennials Where Faith Meets Business

#book: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Dec 182012
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Listen to this espisode of Social Media Church to hear a conversation with Douglas Estes, author of SimChurch: Being the Church in the Virtual World (Zondervan, 2009.) We talked about his insightful perspective about churches using technology, and what he thinks might be next for the church in a virtual world. I like this book’s approach, because it wrestles with issues of ecclesiology and technology. I also read an excerpt from the book on this podcast, a particularly poignant thought about what it really means to be “present.”

Show Notes

Connect with Douglas Estes at, @douglasestes on Twitter and Douglas Estes is currently the Lead Pastor at Trinity Church, in Mesa, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. is the book’s website

Dec 112012
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This episode of Social Media Church features the founder of Mobile Ministry Magazine, Antoine RJ Wright. Listen to his insights about mobile technology and how it’s developed over the past decade. You’ll also hear about how he creates his sketchnotes (visual note-taking), 3 personal tips for how to manage time while being a very active user of mobile technologies, and what he’d like to see the church do more of outside of its own walls.

Show Notes

Connect with Antoine RJ Wright on Twitter @ARJWright and his blog

Antoine’s Sketchnotes

Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) (@mobileminmag) has volumes of resources and useful articles, including:

Dec 042012
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This episode of Social Media Church features a conversation with Jan Touchberry, the Internet Campus Pastor (and Programming Director) of Christ Fellowship (McKinney, Texas). And she’s the first attendee at iMinistry 2012 to share an eyewitness account of her experience here on Social Media Church.

Question to you: anyone have experience with the Amazon cloud for streaming video? Please add your comment.

Show Notes

Connect with Jan Touchberry on Facebook and Twitter @jantouchberry

Christ Fellowship Online runs on the Media Social platform, currently with streaming provider

Facebook page of Christ Fellowship Online

#article: More congregations turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach (by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY 4/17/2012) describes how Christ Fellowship Church uses an online Bible study guide, QR codes, Facebook, video streaming and podcasts to provide spiritual services to their church members.