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Jason Caston is Internet Church Developer at The Potter’s House / T.D. Jakes Ministries and author of The iChurch Method, among a number of other titles and accomplishments. On this episode of the Social Media Church, listen to how he got into social media, how The Potter’s House incorporates social media and streaming media, who really does the Twittering on Bishop T.D. Jakes‘ Twitter account, and more.

Show Notes

Connect with Jason Caston on Twitter @jasoncaston and at

Jason’s book, The iChurch Method: How to Advance Your Ministry Online (self-published)

The Potter’s House (Dallas, Texas) / T.D. Jakes Ministries

The Potter’s House Internet Church

watch raw video of this conversation with DJ Chuang + Jason Caston

Jason is quoted in this KDAF-TV news video, Tweeting in Church, iPad Bibles Now Common For Worship: North Texas, Nation’s Churches Go High Tech To Reach Congregations (4/23/12):

At the Potter’s House in Dallas it’s Jason Caston’s job to stay on top of trends.

“Basically my job is to take whatever new technology is out there, and for the most part they`re very low cost, and make sure the ministry is able to utilize them,” said Potter`s House Social Media & Mobile Developer Jason Caston.

The Potter’s House uses Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest to connect with its congregation. They also stream services live on iPhone, iPad and android.

“We have our first app coming down the line for the Pastors and Leaders conference that`s coming up in about two weeks and then after that we`ll have your app and then your Potter`s House app,” said Caston.

#article: Twittering in Church, with the Pastor’s O.K. (Time magazine, May 2009) spotlighted 4 churches that are using Twitter as a part of their worship services

And, I’d mention Cross Point Church (, Nashville, Tennessee) as one of the most social media active churches I’ve seen

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On this episode of Social Media Church, DJ Chuang talks with Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, who is doing doctoral studies on the effects of information technology and social media on preaching. Since he is studying this topic in-depth, a podcast episode can only begin to the scratch the surface on the many issues to explore and consider with regards to making preaching (and teaching) more effective in the world we live in that’s saturated with social media. Bryce noted how times have changed drastically, and preaching, not so much:

Most pastors, including myself, have a tendency to enter the homiletic act with presuppositions based on former questions, presuppositions and assumptions. These questions, presumptions and assumptions were designed and based on a culture and society that once was, rather than now is. I think this tendency is largely due to an ignorance regarding the seismic change that is occurring culturally around us. This change is ubiquitous and will effect everything – including preaching. — via Preaching in the “Age of Anxiety”

Show Notes

Bryce Ashlin-Mayo’s blog, on Twitter @BryceAshlinMayo, Facebook

watch raw unedited video of this conversationBryce Ashlin-Mayo and DJ Chuang

Parkview Alliance Church

George Fox Seminary

Mobiquity: A Semiotic Analysis of Google Glass (part 1 of 3), part 2 of 3, and part 3 of 3

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Jason Morris

On this episode of Social Media Church, you’ll hear from  Jason Morris, the Online Campus Pastor of Westside Family Church. The featured audio is a portion of the live recording from the Advanced Social Media workshop at the National Worship Leader Conference (NWLC 2012) in Kansas City. Outstanding creative ideas include: gamification, making volunteering crazy fun, involving underage kids, making room in the physical campus lobby for the online campus, using beer and mint for communion, and so much more!

Show Notes

Jason Morris – blog, Twitter @jasonandmaria, Facebook

Westside Family Church in Lenexa, Kansas, and its Online Campus, powered by the Church Online platform

National Worship Leader Conference in California, October 9-11, 2012 @ Escondido (North San Diego)

Google Voice

Bonus: Read about Jason’s use of Google AdWords, $10k worth of ads for FREE to churches – Church Using Free Google Ads to Transform Internet Campus via Leadership Network

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Social Media Church features on this episode the back story of how started its Internet Campus (now called Church Online). Brandon Donaldson shared the story on a November 2008 Leadership Network webinar, A Closer Look at Internet Campuses. Brandon started as’s Internet Campus Pastor in 2005, launched it in April 2006, and continued in that role through mid-2011, when Alan George took on the role.

I’ve excerpted just the relevant portions from the webinar audio pertaining to and included the Q&A relating to (The full webinar also had a presentation about Flamingo Road Church’s Internet Campus, now known as Potential Church.)

At the time of this episode’s publishing, there are less than 100 U.S. churches with Internet campuses. Hearing this back story can be most helpful for the other 300,000+ churches to develop their use of social media and the Internet to extend their ministries.

Show Notes

A Closer Look at Internet Campuses – watch video of entire webinar and webinar show notes ‘s Church Online now runs 51 online worship experiences every week, and has since launched its Church Online Platform for free so your church can run its own online worship experience too

DJ Chuang’s List of Churches with Internet Campuses or Livestreams