Jul 312012
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Social Media Church chats with the first female Internet Campus Pastor Bernadine Young of Family Life Church. She lives in Houston, Texas, and Family Life Church is physically in Brunswick, Georgia, possibly foreshadowing of an emerging trend for how church leaders can work together from remote locations.

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Jul 242012
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Social Media Church connects with Nathan Castleberry for a conversation about being deputized as the second Internet Campus Pastor at Potential Church, a multi-site church that started in Cooper City, Florida. Potential Church was formerly known as Flamingo Road Church, and launched an Internet Campus to hold worship online back in 2007.

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[update 7/25 10:30am PT] podcast audio changed to have better quality (previous edition was muffled and we sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher )


Jul 172012
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On this episode of Social Media Church, I, DJ Chuang, roundup some things I’ve seen recently that point to what the future of the Internet church could look like. I think it’s still too early to call, but there are models beginning to take shape. Segments on this episode: my response to a couple of articles about how social media might shape the church, examples of network churches (organizational churches resourcing organic churches), Internet evangelism, and using Google+ Hangout on Air for online ministry.

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Jul 102012
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At one of the earliest churches to have an Internet Campus, Seacoast Church, is Seth Farrior. On this episode, hear Seth tell about what prepared him to host online worship experiences, how Seacoast makes their Internet Campus carry the same ministry values as its physical campuses, and what they’re exploring next.

Plus, Seth shares the back story that’s led to the launch of a new conference for church leaders that are doing online ministry or thinking of doing

Connect with Seth Farrior on Twitter @sethfarrior and Facebook

Connect with 100s of church leaders at the iMinistry 2012 conference in Dallas, Texas, October 10-11, 2012

Watch raw unedited video of this conversation with Seth Farrior and DJ Chuang

Articles for discussion on an upcoming episode:

Jul 032012
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This extended episode of Social Media Church with Vince Marotte covers considerable new ground. Vince Marotte is the Internet Pastor at Gateway Church (Austin, Texas) and authored an e-book titled “Context and Voice: communication design in our new media culture.” Vince unpacks his church’s online ministry philosophy, its integration of various technologies for a customized experience, and his rethinking new forms of church that’s contextualized in an Internet-connected culture.