Apr 152014
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Listen to the wide span of insights from Greg Atkinson - pastor, consultant, and Editor of Christian Media Magazine. He’s also author of a new book, Strange Leadership: 40 Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization. Topics we covered include: how to encourage church leaders that are reluctant about using social media, how to use social media wisely instead of wasting time, evaluating the effectiveness of a church’s social media presence, and much more! This episode of Social Media Church was recorded before a live online audience via Google+ Hangout on Air.

Show Notes

Apr 112014
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Join us for a live edition of the Social Media Church podcast on Tuesday 4/15 @ 2:00pm Pacific with special guest Greg Atkinson - pastor, speaker, consultant and Editor of Christian Media Magazine.

With over 100+ articles published at Christian Media Magazine about social media, we’re going to sift through that knowledge base and have an interactive Q&A time about social media with Greg and myself (DJ Chuang) too. Greg has also authored a new book, Strange Leadership: 40 Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization, and we’ll explore how social media fits in with an innovative organization.

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 @ 2:00pm Pacific / 4:00pm Central / 5:00pm Eastern

Social Media Church Live with Greg Atkinson (powered by Google+ Hangout on Air)

Apr 082014
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Nils Smith is Innovation Pastor at Community Bible Church (San Antonio, TX) and its online campus OnlineChurch.com. Nils stops by the Social Media Church podcast to talk about creating online worship experiences specifically and exclusively for their online campus, how they do ministry effectively on Facebook, why they allow online members, the incredible ministry opportunity for online church, the launching of OnlineChurchLeaders.com, and more.

Show Notes

OnlineChurchLeaders.com – an upcoming network for free resources to launching and running an online church

Connect with Nils Smith on Twitter @NilsSmith + his blog NilsSmith.com

#podcast Episode 2: Social Media Church with Nils Smith

#book The Social Media Guide for Ministry: What it is and How to use it by Nils Smith


Apr 012014
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Wes O’Haire is a web/ux designer by day and an active member at Higher Vision Church (Valencia, California). Wes launched a blog for online church campuses at LiveCampus.io to share resources and insights he found about doing ministry online. On this episode of Social Media Church, he shares about how his church uses social media, his church’s online campus, and anticipating how ministry must change when there’s more people online than in-person.

Show Notes

Connect with Wes O’Haire on Twitter @LiveCampusIO and @wesohaire

LiveCampus.io – The Blog For Online Church Campuses

see the website of Higher Vision Church and how it puts the most frequently used church info at the upper right corner of its web pages = social links, phone number, location, service times

Take a look at High Vision’s Facebook photo stream for great examples and inspiration

Mar 252014
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Jed Davis is an avid blogger that I found serendipitously while making my rounds on the blogosphere. What caught my attention was his free eBook titled “The Social Media Guide for Churches: What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Know It”. We connected up and had a quick conversation on this episode of Social Media Church, about his eBook, his work as a church consultant, and how he manages social media.

Show Notes

Connect with Jed Davis on Twitter @thisjed + Facebook facebook.com/thisjed
+ blog thisjed.com

#ebook The Social Media Guide for Churches: What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Know It #free

#blog #post Let’s Take A Look Behind My Motives

Mar 182014
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Peter McGowan (of Media Social and Plain Joe Studios) sat down with DJ Chuang for an lively conversation about church and culture on this episode of Social Media Church. We covered topics like stewardship, creativity, storytelling, social media engagement, online church, innovation, divergent thinking, long-term projects, leading culture, the human condition, and much more. This is the most important and disruptive episode ever recorded to date.

Announcement: This episode marks a special occasion as Social Media Church launches its new partnership with Leadership Network to cross-post these conversations with church leaders about social media at the Leadership Network blog! Thank you Leadership Network for lending your platform to spread the innovative ideas emanating from the conversations here at the Social Media Church podcast. And a warm welcome to all the new listeners! 

Show Notes

Connect with Peter McGowan at fb.com/plainjoe

Plain Joe Studios -  communication design group experienced in strategic ideation, interactive media, and environmental design

Media Social - a Facebook App that provides a broadcast social TV Channel through the internet

OnlineChurch.com, the Internet campus of Community Bible Church (San Antonio, Texas), powered by MediaSocial.tv

Online Campus of Granger Community Church (Granger, Indiana), powered by MediaSocial.tv

#article Lego Boosts Sales And Brand Loyalty With Revamped Marketing Strategy (going from $1 billion in debt to $14.6 billion in a decade)



Mar 102014
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Van Baird launched Relational Equity to help cultivate meaningful relationships through social media, though he’d prefer to use the word media instead of social media. He explains why on this episode of Social Media Church; we also talk about how to listen well, show love, and tips for launching a podcast.

Show Notes

Connect with Van Baird on Twitter @vanbaird

Van Baird’s podcast is recorded on internet radio businessradiox.com + the show is called Emerging Enterprise + the first episode is posted

March 13th (2014) in Atlanta GA - SocialEcclesia micro-conference is a one-day event where church leaders “will learn best practices, balance, strategy and how to fully utilize modern tools which can be used to advance our mission in Christ” – follow their tweets #SocialEcclesia

#video Another Perspective on #Ashtag Selfies - Matt Kilmurry of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)’s Department of Communications

#article Questions and answers about Ash Wednesday (RNS)

Ashes To Go ashestogo.org - taking worship to the streets

Feb 252014
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Kent Shaffer is the founder of ChurchRelevance.com and OpenChurch.com. Kent met up with me (DJ Chuang) in-person during his road trip through Orange County, California and we sat down to talk about how he got into social media, his spiritual life and dynamic journey in recent years, going from LifeChurch.tv to an inner city missional community, his nomadic lifestyle with a young family on the road in an RV, how to best understand the top churches lists that he curates, how sermons are like lifehacks, church communications, and of course we talk about how churches are using social media.

Show Notes

Connect with Kent Shaffer on Facebook facebook.com/kentshaffer + LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/kentshaffer

ChurchRelevance.com (resources and lists for creating relevant & effective ministries)

OpenChurch.com – free downloadable resources + ideas from the global church, helping disciples of Jesus collaborate, learn from each other, and share resources

#list Top 200 Ministry Blogs (as of 9/2013), in which DJ Chuang is #83

#list Top Ranked Churches in America (in the areas of church growth, size, innovation, church planting, influence, and overall)

#list 108 Great Church Logos

#list 40 Great Church Websites of 2013

Church Conference Calendar List (@ churchrelevance.com)

The Big List of Theological Seminaries, with sortable info by denomination, tuition cost, and location



Feb 182014
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Clint Schnekloth wrote this new book titled, “Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-media Era“, and is lead pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Fayetteville, Arkansas). He joined the Social Media Church podcast for a conversation about the back story of his new book, how social media is used in his church community, and his experience of joining others for worship in the virtual world of Second Life, and, of course, we do talk about the book too.

Show Notes
mediating faith
Connect with Clint Schnekloth at http://ClintSchnekloth.com + on Twitter @Schnekloth + on Facebook fb.com/Schnekloth+ his blog http://lutheranconfessions.blogspot.com

#post 11 Reasons I’m Proud to Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

#transcript Interview — Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-media Era by Clint Schnekloth on the #chsocm blog by Meredith Gould

#podcast Meredith Gould of #ChSocM : Episode 30 @ Social Media Church

#video Interview with Clint by Abigail Letsinger

#interview Fortress Press Author Q&A for Mediating Faith

#meme #bookselfies #mediatingfaith – photos of people with the Mediating Faith book